Bring Healthy Smiles to Children

Dental hygiene education is critical in preventing serious, long term and life threatening complications that come from poor oral hygiene such as high blood pressure, bone loss, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Mundo Exchange teams up with local schools in rural Issan, Thailand that coordinate with the government to provide not only dental care, but also educate the children on how to properly brush and take care of their teeth. With your donations these children and their teachers are also able to walk out the door not only with clean and healthy smiles, but also a new toothbrush, dental hygiene supplies, and the knowledge of how to use them!

Sponsor Education Through CEMIK

CEMIK (translated into English as Center of Education for Maya Ixil Kids) is a small school tucked away in the high mountainous town of Chajul, Guatemala. This school is funded solely by Mundo Exchange and donors like you. The funds provide education for Maya children in both Spanish and local Ixil languages, learning how to read and write and learning about their rich Maya heritage and indigenous rights. This free of charge school exists for children of families who are too poor to afford the $25/year cost of public school. Become a proud supporter with us!

Build A Home

Many homes in rural areas are built haphazardly and with scrap materials rather than a solid foundation. Homes like these offer little to no protection from the elements and intruders, and families live in a high stress environment of fear and discomfort. Mundo Exchange works with local governments to assist these families and either build a new home or renovate their current one to make it safer.

Provide Support to Those Suffering From HIV/AIDS

Over 450,000 people are reportedly living with HIV in Thailand, putting the country at one of the highest prevalence rates in Asia and the Pacific. Those individuals living with HIV/AIDS are highly stigmatized and discriminated against. often outcast from their families and communities, and their children often not allowed in schools. Mundo Exchange works with the local hospital to provide emotional support, food, clothing, transportation, and takes steps to ensure those living with HIV are not ostracized.


Despite Thailand’s collective mentality and value of familial support, many elders in Issan Thailand have no one to take care of them. Whether due to feelings of resentment or grown children having to seek work in far away areas such as Bangkok to support the family, many elders are left to fend for themselves in their old age. We visit these elders and bring food, blankets and other vital supplies, help make their homes safe and accessible, and, importantly, provide companionship and listen and learn about their past. Just one bag of rice will feed 2 people for a month and costs only $10. Spread care and compassion with us!


new roles as a mentor, gardener, helper, or teacher.


the lives of children and families in need.


the miracle of making a difference.


We brought healthy smiles to over 300 children in Buengkan this year.

We need your help to make a difference. 
Here’s some ways to get involved

How you can help

Get Involved


Be prepared to have one of the most rewarding life experiences ever


We consistently have ongoing projects, which are only accomplished with your help! Give to a specific project or let us decide where it’s most needed. You choose.

Give Families a Brighter Future

We connect directly with local leaders at our Guatemala site to determine who in the community is best suited for educational scholarships.

Shop with Us in Mind

Feed families, clothe children, renovate homes, care for elders and more while you shop! Simply shop through Amazon Smile, make Mundo Exchange Inc your charity!

Corporate Matching

Find out if your employer will match your gift!  Some companies do donation matching, so tell us the company you work for and we can see if ythey are willing to match your donation.

Support a Student

Many kids have only one uniform, worn daily; it gets dirty, torn, & stained and many students feel shame. Only $50 will give a child a new uniform school  shoes, & a greater sense of self pride.

Join us

We are always accepting volunteers in Thailand, and would love to have you share in the experience of changing lives. Learn more about our volunteer program and be a part of something big.

Mundo Exchange was incredible from start to finish.

Build a House

We aim to build or renovate a house for a family living  in poverty each year. For only $4000USD you can build a home for a family in desperate need of a safe place to sleep at night.