Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering with MundoExchange

Virtual volunteering provides an exciting way to exchange skills and ideas while working from your home country. Some virtual volunteers and their recipients due to age, work responsibilities, illness/disabilities and other personal reasons are unable to travel abroad to volunteer. Virtual volunteering gives people a means of providing positive guidance by being available on-line a few hours a week. For virtual recipients it gives another learning opportunity and an intercultural experience. Both the volunteer and the virtual learner are able to share globally while learning locally.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the virtual volunteering projects?

  • Helping with English writing and vocabulary building
  • Tutoring students studying for English entry exams
  • Helping English teachers with teaching skills
  • Writing curriculum to be used in English classrooms in Thailand
  • Writing curriculum to be used in Computer classrooms in Thailand
  • Designing internet learning projects on subjects that interest you (web design, art, music, environmental projects)

How does virtual volunteering work?

You apply to become a virtual volunteer through our application page. Selected Virtual Hosts supply a 4-week outline of the course of study and on-line materials and assignments/projects that will be used. We give feedback and further information on how to initiate and complete these projects. We then match you with a virtual student. The virtual volunteer contacts the recipient by email and provides a letter of introduction and the agreed upon outline of study. The Recipient responds with questions and ideas of their own. During the virtual volunteer process you both will submit time sheets and progress reports. At the end of the project we conduct an evaluation so as to offer better support in the future.

Is there a fee or expense involved in volunteering online?

No. Our virtual volunteering program is free to teachers, organizations and interested individuals. Age is not limited, so students and retired people may join, in fact are encouraged to do so. If you would like to donate to Mundo for this service that is up to you or your organization.

Contact Us if you are interested in joining this interactive learning experience!