Volunteering in Thailand

MundoExchange in Thailand

Currently, MundoExchange teams with Laekplian Lokgatat members to work on projects including teaching in public schools, working in local temples, developing community outreach projects, setting up community funds and preparedness for natural or man-made disaster, environmental awareness projects, and many more. Through the exchange of knowledge and cultural ways with international volunteers, Thais will learn more about community development, English language skills, business development, computer and technological skills, arts and educational training.

Mundo Exchange is helping to finance Laekplian Lokgatat upstart costs, members’ skill building, governmental fees and more, while funding local projects.

Laekplian Lokgatat – our Thai partner association

Founded 2006, the association is gaining more and more Thai members. The association got a huge piece of land donated and one of the tasks at the moment, beside the work with volunteers is the developmnt of this land into a garden and teaching center. Members are in the process of learning the skills necessary to work with and manage international volunteers.