Volunteers Fees

Volunteer Fees

We save you the time, effort and money to organise your volunteer placement yourself.
We organise and run facilities for your placement, which requires time, knowledge and resources.
And – we are available, if you have problems.

Please compare what a holiday in Thailand would cost you with our fees and take into account the numerous experiences you will get for free.

We work with projects which do not have the resources to finance your stay or do their own recruiting of international volunteers and without your fees they would not be able to get volunteers.
We help them finding international volunteers and manage the volunteer placements. By matching your abilities with the needs of a project both parties will benefit.

After you send in the volunteer application and we have found a placement for you, we will send you an invoice and payment information. The application fee is 200 Euro and should be paid as soon as you are sure you’d like to come to secure your placement. If for any reason you need to cancel, the application fee is non-refundable because we have to make financial commitments on your behalf before you arrive.

The volunteer fee depends on your length of stay. The information is listed below.

Duration of stay Fees in Euro*
1 – 2 weeks 350
3 weeks 450
4 weeks 500
8 weeks 700
12 weeks 900
24 weeks 1380
Additional week 50
Our fees include
  • orientation and information about local customs and culture,
  • welcome dinner,
  • Thai Language lessons,
  • a prearranged accommodation,
  • Thai cooking class,
  • educational training and lesson planning
  • weekly follow-up meetings,
  • certificate of completion or if you stay 2 months or more a letter of recommendation,
  • project related travels and
  • support in Thailand before and during your stay with us.
In many projects you will get one meal at no extra cost for you.
Not included are costs for
  • your travel to Thailand,
  • transport to Nongkhai,
  • visa,
  • health and travel insurance,
  • food and personal expenses.

We know that some other organizations ask the schools to provide housing, transport or food for their volunteers. This cuts costs for the organization, but the really poor schools would not be able to get volunteers, because they just can not afford it.

In many rural places we can offer you a home stay option. Hosts recieve compensation for the food and services they provide. Volunteers choosing this option pay an additional 5€/day on arrival.