Gib’s Eco Projects with Mundo Exchange

Gib provides the building blocks for success from environmental opportunities abound!

Volunteers with a mind for environmental issues can help on the farm

Gib's fish farm near Nong Khai

Seeing someone strive for success in the field of sustainable ecological goals is a common enough sight these days. However one particular environmental warrior is setting the pace for cheap, secure and comfortable housing in Isaan, Thailand and is hoping to train others to do the same and spread the word to people all over the world.

Isaan environmentalists Gib welcomes you to experience organic Thai style farming, contact Mundo Exchange to learn more.

Gib at theory land farm near Kuang Khan University

Gib, also known by friends as Charlie, has 2 farms in the province of Nong Khai. He’s hoping to build houses from mud, fish farms inland and continue to promote organic agriculture. His partner on this project is Ginn who foresees a great change in attitudes towards living a more green lifestyle and hopes to inspire volunteers to share this outlook.

They require volunteers to aid them in their quest to build a model mudhouse on their fish farm which they hope to make into a village of mud huts next to Kong Kaen University to promote critical thinking about environmental issues. Along with learning and teaching the relevant processes for constructing these abodes an understanding of nature is high to promote on their agenda.

Gyb hopes volunteers will experience the beauty of a rural Thai marketplace.

G guides volunteers through Thai customs and cultures such as shopping

Gib left his family’s farm and went to work in Bangkok when he was younger. Experiencing the difference in Thai life from the rural to the metropolitan had a huge impact on his outlook. He returned home to Isaan after the economic collapse of South East Asia in 1997, hungry to experience more of the outside world. He became qualified in fish reproduction from the local training college and reconverted part of his family’s land into a working inland fish farm – much to everyone’s surprise. Having saved money from working with community development projects Gib made his way to Europe in 2006 to experience the joy of the  Football ( Soccer) World Cup. He got a job in Denmark working as a deconstruction worker. His job was to deconstruct an old castle in Denmark and allow for it to be refitted with stronger supports. He assisted with the construction of a wind powered generator and learned many skills which he would later employ. Having returned to Thailand he traveled to the northern area of Chiang Mai. Here he saw in the tribes of the hill people mud huts which where cooling during the hot days and warm during the cold evenings. Gyb has helped many Thailand volunteers, in Isaan with Mundo Exchange and Laekplian Lokgatat he has taught about eco-friendly housing and is open a dialogue about environmental ideologies and techniques such as Effective Microorganisms (EM).

Gibb studies the instricacies of building a mud house in Isaan, Thailand.

Gib is an avid reader of ecology and housing materials.

The long term goals of this project are to promote a sustainable housing market for the people of Isaan, to produce fish for consumption and breeding and to make the option of organic farming a viable option for local farmers. Gibb would love to see people from all over the world use their local resources to produce pollution free homes and create sustainable energy. He would love a wind turbine or some solar panels but feels that they are too costly at this point and hopes that the life of solar panels will increase in the future.

They welcome anyone who is able to give physical skills or mental agility to their project. The hope for volunteers who can work hard during the day and enjoy the pleasantries of Thailand and Laos, such as local bands or festivals, during the beautiful evenings.

beautiful sunset over Esan

The view of the sun setting from gibb's fish farm.

If you feel that you would like to see this wonderful sunset and volunteer with this project, or have information that may be of use to them please contact us. Mundo Exchange volunteers helped Gibb and learned from him too, please watch Gibb’s video below as he explains the process of making the mud bricks for his house.