Mundo Exchange Volunteer Hugh Plenderleith Returns to Isaan

Hugh Plenderleith came in 2008 to help with Mundo Exchange and Laekplian Lokgatat global exchange volunteer projects in one of the most economically challenged areas of Thailand. Hugh has become a valuable  friend and cohort to both Thai and Western hosts that help volunteers during their stays in Thailand.  During his first year he was assisted by Nalinrat who helped him learn about Thai culture and Buddhist ways.  A great Thai teacher, Khun Bunyaporn Inthaiawang  whose nickname is Tig, team taught with Lloyd in Nong Khai.  They worked together as he learned how to help young Thai children with English communication skills. He also learned from the students about their culture while teaching them about his own.

During Hugh’s second volunteer exchange he volunteered to help many learn more English skills, including the Thai hosts.  He teamed well with our Western host, Eva, and Thai host Prayoon to make life much more fun and enjoyable  for the children at the Nong Khai Home for Boys, a local Isaan orphanage. Hugh has the ability to relax and enjoy life, adapt to new types of situations and people,  and act for the good of the children and adult Thais that he comes to help.

Hugh being honored by students

The next time Hugh returns to assist our projects he will be able to live with his Thai hosts and work on various community development projects but will not be asked to pay any volunteer donation or fee.  As our seasoned and cross culturally trained volunteers return the third time they work then as interns helping other volunteers to learn Thai ways that promote global understanding and peaceful coexistence.

Lokgatat and Mundo Exchange volunteer Hugh helping orphans

Hugh says, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend time in your wonderful school and for the memories that will remain in my heart for ever.”

Khop Khun Maa Khrup