Yoon Became a Monk.

One of our friends, Yoon or Prayoon, decided to become a monk for short time at the small temple in his village. He said it’s very special thing that he could do for his parents. At the bottom of this post you can see a video he made about the experience.


We and volunteers went to the ceremony too. There were not many people on that day, because most of the people were busy on harvest. His parents and his family were very proud of him while the people were really excited to see us, Farang. Ha ha! It was very funny to talk to the people without understanding each other.  It made everyone laugh.  We all made food together and prepared for the next day important ceremony.  All felt that the experience was special to their own lives as well as Prayoons.


The ceremony started at 9 am, the local people believe that it’s good time to start. His parents, family and friends cut his hair and put on the lotus leaf. After he shaved his hair, his father brought the lotus leaf that contained Yoon’s hair and floated along the river in the front of his house.


Yoon & his sister.

Prayoon, Yoon

Yoon & his aunt.

Prayoon dressed in white cloths and readied for the Blessing chanting ceremony or ‘Bai Si Su Kwan’. The people gave him the blessing to becoming a monk. It took about 2 hours. Then it was time to eat. We were happy and…hungry too. So we ate a lot. Um…the food was so good.



Baisi Su kwan


Dalyn was blessing Yoon.

Lunch time.

Nalin and Lloyd ate with local people.

After eating, the people got on the cars as parade to the temple. They started walking around the Sala or hall for 3 rounds when they arrived at the temple. Each round has the meaning. The first round is to think about the Lord Buddha, the second round is to think about the Dhamma or Buddha teaching and the third round to think about the Sangka or special monks. The people were dancing; we also, while walking around the Sala. We had no idea how to dance. We just moved legs, arms and head. That’s our dancing! It was really fun. Then it was time for Prayoon to come to the Ubosatha, started becoming a monk ceremony.


Prayoon, yoon, Nalinrat

The local dancing of Isaan.

There were 7 monks there. They started chanting and Prayoon needed to repeat every single words. If they say something wrong, they need to start it again. They took away white dressing and dressed him the yellow robes. And they needed to chant again. Prayoon showed the respect to the head of the monks and gave all the monks gifts when they finished chanting.  The ceremony finished.



Prayoon get into the Ubosatha.


Prayoon became a monk.


Being monk ceremony finished.


Prayoon as the monk walk downed from Ubosatha with the monk bag on his arm. The people sat as the line and donated him some money. We make that too. Before we left him we took the photos of him and his family. And then we said good bye to everyone and head back to Buengkhan.



Prayoon came down Ubosatha.


Yoon and his family.


Yoon, Loy, Nalinrat, Haddie and Dalyn.


Yoon and his relatives


It was very nice day. And we were happy and also laughing to each other…