Aussie Volunteer Sandra, Returns to Support Thailand

Sharing experience and outlooks Thai styleVolunteer Sandra learns some Buddhist ways.

Mundo Exchange volunteer, Sandra , from Australia returned to help us once again with our Thai Buddhist projects in Isan, Thailand. Sandra brought with her the joy of helping Thai people. She went to a forest wat and helped the monks learn a bit more English. Sandra finds this particular Buddhist temple a wonderful place to be. Like many Thai wats it is located along the Mekong River separating Lao from Thailand. Unlike many Buddhist wats throughout the world this one is composed of both nuns and monks that teach their vegetarian and eco friendly ways to anyone that wants to learn, including people and monks from India, Nepal, Lao, and Tibet. This is a place where one can find tranquility, learn to accept the challenges of life, learn tolerance and forgiveness, learn more about Buddhism too, laugh a lot and share cultural ways with one another.

Sandra also went to Nong Khai and helped one of our Thai hosts Vanida who runs a handicraft store that helps support local villages and in particular village women. She helped Vanida prepare for a special BiceeSukwun ceremony for a group of Japanese leaders and teachers who had come to learn more about supporting local Isaan projects as well as meet important government officials from Thailand. Thank you Sandra!
Sandra also brought Mundo Exchange and our Thai partner and local association, Laekplian Lokgatat, a third computer. During Sandra’s first trip she brought us two Toshiba computers via her Australian virtual volunteer of sorts, Gary. These computers will be used by village children and adults who come to our Mundo Learning Centre. Because of Sandra’s gift more Thai children and underemployed adults from the farmlands will be able to learn how to use computer’s for educational and occupational purposes.
Sandra also reconnected with a group of Buddhist nuns who help their community. During her first trip to help with Mundo’s projects Sandra spent time at their home and Buddhist compound out in the farmlands of Thailand. She helped to teach them some English and along with Gyb, Adrian and Ging helped to exchange cultural and computer ways. Her connection has been well received by the Thai Buddhist community.

Sandra visited Thai kids at the Orphanage.

Sandra visited environment project.

Sandra visited environment project.

Sandra, during her first Mundo Exchange volunteer experience, went and helped at an orphanage in Isan, Thailand. She, Vanida and her Thai Buddhist nun friends along with other Mundo volunteers gave food to the orphan children and also their love and support. Sandra returned this time to the Thai orphanage again showing her support and love of such great children.
Sandra will soon return to the Mekong River region to bring Mundo Exchange and the local Thai association, Laekplian Lokgatat, 3 more computers from her Australian friends to use with our community development projects in Thailand. Without Sandra, her friends and all of our other volunteers who support our charity projects Mundo and Lokgatat would not be able to offer free educational classes and help to both Thai children and adults.
Sandra Schultz is a true member and leader of the small cross cultural volunteer exchange NGO, Mundo Exchange. She and her computer and other friends offer guidance and support for our global mission to promote world tolerance and to provide educational, financial and medical provisions to those who are truly in need. Her ability to stay positive and supportive and to lead a Buddhist way of life is appreciated and respected by all. Sandra and her friends help to make this world a much, much better place! Thank you so much Sandra for volunteering in Thailand and for your nonprofit work expertise too!