Cluster Munitions Coalition Many Nations Agree on Clean Up Campaign

Volunteer coordinator Dalyn represents Mundo Exchange at the Laos conference

The atrocities brought by cluster bombs must start by cleaning them up

Dalyn Simmons, a current Mundo’s board director and founder, who also  helps local Thais with volunteer cross cultural orientations and is an overall cultural liaison attended the First Meeting Of State Parties To The Convention On Cluster Munitions held in Vientiane, Laos.

Dalyn stated that as well as being an informative event there already have been great steps forward regarding a 65 point concrete plan over the next five years to reduce the estimated 80 million unexploded bomblets from cluster bombs still in Laos from previous wars. Whilst this is great news, there are over 30 other countries still affected by the great threat that cluster bombs pose. Appropriately one quarter of  Laos living on farms and in villages had bombs dropped on or near them between 1964 and 1973.  Around three hundred people are either injured or killed every year in Laos as a result of the extensive use of cluster munitions and heavy bombardment during the last 5 decades – above and beyond the estimated 50,000 killed during the original bombing raids.

The action taken by representatives from the 110 governments and over 200 civil societies attending will help to make a large difference. With many countries already destroying their stockpiles of these weapon and a few others claiming to be clean from them in their lands it shows there is hope to remove those still existing – however long it may take.

The use of cluster bombs in Iraq in recent years shows that while these weapons are now deemed illegal, they are still a very close reminder of what has been done recently to normal people living in areas that are viewed as the enemy.

Being Mundo Exchange, we will not be posting links to disturbing images or any other material which shows the disfigurement of human life from these munitions – but they do exist and the problem with them is all to real. Instead we will give you 2 very informative links, 1 to the official monitoring of how countries are dealing with the issue and 1 to a campaign who has helped create this a reality. And then a fun video showing the wonders of creative input to raise awareness of such an important topic.

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