Songkran Festival or Bun Pi Mai

April 13, 2011toApril 17, 2011
Thai New Year in North Western Thailand

It's wet, it's hot, it's fantastic!

Thai New Year’s – Fun, family, and lots of water being thrown to celebrate the needed and important rainy season. Buddha images are washed and paraded through the temples and chalk is applied by way of a peaceful message to every face met smiling.

This is a seminal period in the Thai year – the rainy season is about to begin and the long dry heat is about to break. Whilst this festival is very popular with tourists and has a migratory date fixture depending on where about in Thailand people are, which is followed by these tourists and younger Thais like a party train, the customs involved are actually very old and reverential.

In 2011 Songkran begins on April 13th and finishes on April 17th, however you may find that some regions like Chon Buri begin later allowing for people to arrive there to further celebrate it and will conclude everywhere by 17th of April.

This experience cannot be missed and shows an extroverted and playful side to Thai people which is not normally seen easily. Whilst the ‘sanuk’ (fun) will be ‘mahk mahk’ (very much) local customs and respect for politeness should be adhered to if someone feels uncomfortable.

Mobile phones, cameras and other electronic goods should definitely be kept within waterproof containers as it is a guarantee that you will be drenched in water and pleasure from this memorable national event.

For more information about Songkran please read the Wikipedia site or better yet come and experience it yourself!