English Donors Help Thai Children

Amy and orphans enjoying time together

The Thailand association Laekplian Lokgatat (Global Exchange) and Mundo Exchange Organisation sincerely thank the following English donors who helped to improve the lives of children in Thailand. The following donors provided orphans and other children without families with needed school and play clothing, educational games, nutritional food, school materials and other needed supplies.

Sophie, helping to make Songkran gift for elders

Our Thailand volunteer manager, Amy Fry, along with her sister and Thailand volunteer Sophie Fry collected donations while in England Gave donations or/ and participated in car boot sales, Erica’s Cask Sales, Swap Shop Evening Sales, Rummikub Game Sales and more. Amy first came with Sid and helped Mundo and Lokgatat with Thai volunteer projects many years ago. Amy’s continued managerial and volunteer support has been instrumental to helping many poor and rural children in Esan Thailand. Amy, Sid, Sophie and the following Thailand volunteer donors and Great Britain businesses and hospitals are appreciated by all.

    1. Margaret Fry
    2. Dorothy Morris
    3. Darren Wilkinson
    4. Ruth Cunningham
    5. Valerie and Tony Nunn
    6. Jeff and Maggie Williams
    7. Suzanne and Mike Gray
    8. Jo Hack
    9. Angela Tibbles
    10. Sybil and Mike
    11. Claire Edmunds
    12. Katy Murphy
    13. Sarah Hammond
    14. Harriet Baxter
    15. Rosemary Dallimore
    16. Olive Glascott
    17. Jenny Emery
    18. Kim Newrick
    19. Cecil Luker
    20. Naomi Boast
    21. Felsa Jacka Slater
    22. Liz Jacka Slater
    23. Larry and Isobel Montagu
    24. Paul Montagu
    25. Sara Wakefield
    26. Ruth Reigler
    27. Tracy Knox
    28. Marion Mitchell
    29. Lisa and Dave Elliott
    30. Lena Taleb
    31. Louise and Ella Babbage
    32. Hayley Berry
    33. Emma Brown
    34. Erica and Tim Hack
    35. Sara Askew
    36. Querida Williams
    37. Sarah Apperley
    38. Nick Johnson
    39. Simon David
    40. Nadeem Siddiqui
    41. Becky Taylor
    42. Nikki Brown
    43. Vicky Pecson
    44. Staff at Cheltenham SCBU
    45. Special Care Baby Unit General Hospital
    46. Staff at Gloucester SPBU
    47. Staff at Alpha Colour Printers

Some of the great ideas for needed items that were provided by our British volunteers, friends and donor to Thai orphans and other poor children are:

    • Height Charts
    • Water guns
    • Stickers
    • Colouring books
    • Markers for art projects
    • Balls Large
    • Crayon Packs
    • Boxes of large crayons
    • Toys small chicks pack
    • Dominoes
    • English Felt Letters
    • Frog toys
    • Chalk boxes
    • Toy Action figures
    • Dinosaurs
    • Creature toys
    • Whistles
    • Maze toys
    • Medals
    • Harmonicas
    • Erasers
    • Educational CDs
    • Bats/Balls
    • Space Hopper Toys
    • Balloons
    • Bubble wands
    • Games
    • Toys
    • Face paints/Art Supplies
    • T Shirts
    • Pants
    • School Uniforms
    • Shorts
    • Flip Flops
    • Hair Shavers
    • Swimming Pools
    • Water Balls
    • Water Games
    • Educational puzzles
    • Soap, toothpastes, brushes
    • Musical CDs
    • Nutritional foods and meals

Thank you all again for your support for the children in rural Thailand!