Jessica Roelink Helping

Teaching, learning and good health, what more can you ask for?

Today was brilliant! The little dumplings at the nursery school are only 2-4 years old. Yesterday was my first day and the kids mostly stared at me in amazement (or frightened that I might eat them because they are so tiny). Only a few kids of 30 sat beside me in circle and held my hands, but they all let me rub their backs and pat their bums – something no person turns down when they’re exhausted. Today they all warmed up to me with smiles, hand holding, sitting in my lap, letting me help feed them, play blocks and, best of all, I taught 3 exercises in English. The first was an introduction where each kid had to come up to me at the front of the class bow and say Sawadteeka and then shake my hand and say hello. Most were enthusiastic, which was adorable and some came out with the tiniest hello, but speaking directly to me none the less. I then went through the alphabet with flash cards of animals for each letter and we made the noises of each animal. Then we did numbers 1-5 and they caught on very quickly that I don’t know Thai numbers so they taught me in return, Neung, Song, Sam, Sim, Haa. It was really fantastic. We played blocks, sang and danced (they loved that I was full on dancing like an idiot) the teachers loved having me too, they’re great but an extra set of hands to get 30 little guys sorted; potty time, lunch, lessons and 30 bottles, is much appreciated. Each little one is adorable in their own way, even the token chubby kid who ate 3 helpings of lunch and went around hitting all the younger kids, even he had his cute moments. He’s taken a liking to me and seems to do what I motion him to do so that’s a blessing. We took tons of pictures and we’ll be loading them up on my facebook site and a blog if I can figure out how to load my journal and pics. Soooo good!
I’m only doing 3-4 days at each program and then doing a report for Mundo. Its kind of sad but for the best so the kids and I don’t get too attached. The advantage is that they become comfortable with foreigners and Mundo has profiles for each program to place future volunteers appropriately.
It was really fantastic.

I found my way home on my bike all by myself (this is not a major feat as its around the corner, but its the begining of my independence around town. This afternoon we cleaned out and sorted everything on the 2nd floor and I laid out all the floor plans for putting in 5 new rooms for volunteers. They just moved into this house so everything needs work. We found a ton of great stuff for the boys and girls orphanges so that I can show up bearing gifts.

The food I’m eating is agreeing with me, after a life time with a bad stomach, its a miracle! I’m trying everything, admittedly some things are just yucky tasting or too sweet. I’m thoroughly enjoying the fruit and veggies for breakfast, fish and salad for lunch & dinner and I am feeling so much better. I’m drinking tons of mineralized water and going wee every hour so my kidney herbs are kicking in quickly (please excuse the TMI factor). I have to have one at home, the mineral rock filter is incredible! I’m back to weighing 163 pounds (74 kilos) which was what I weighed from age 25-30. Nalinlat read my palm and gave me a quick inspection and declared that my blood was unhappy, she’s put me on a regime that has me feeling so much better already. My goal is to get down to 70 kilos which was my weight from 19 to 25 so we’ll see if I can defy my age as Nalinlat does. Health and vanity are always intertwined as great motivators!

Its raining here with thunder & lightening like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Its really humbling and reminds me that I’m just a tiny spec in the universe. The people here make you feel like a huge life force so it all balances out.