Exploring the Songkran or Thai New Year’s Exchange

Songkran, Thai New Year

April 13th -15th, 2011.


Songkran is the traditional New Year of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Srilangka and the east of India. The word Songkran is from the Sanskrit meaning the beginning of a new Solar Year. It’s sometimes called ‘water war’ byforeigners.Thai people believe in this festival as the family day.The custom is to use water to release the heat in April and to show the respect, apologizeand forgiveness to each other.

In the morning on, these days, the people go to the temple to give foods to the monk. After that, they put the Buddha image onatruck or cart and make the parade around the town to give the people theopportunity to the people to water him. And young people bring the holy water and water the hands of older people to apologize and old people forgive forgive them and blessing themwith tohave good luck. The people also bring the sand, and donate it to the temple, and puta flag in place on top of those. It looks very pretty.

The people have lots of fun. They throw water on the passing people. You don’t need to change your dress if you want to join them. Youwill be soaking wet all day. Please stay at your home or hotel if you want to be dry. That’s my suggestion.