Thank you to all our supporters! 2017 is looking very productive!

Spring 2017

Dear Friends of Mundo Exchange,

We have rapidly entered into 2017 (the Christian calendar) 2560 (the Buddhist calendar).   Our programs in both Thailand and Guatemala are prospering because of your help and our teams in both countries are sending their appreciation and gratitude!  Your support helps make life a bit easier for those who struggle each moment to get through the days safely, soundly, and with food in their bellies.  Because of your support, Mundo Exchange projects continue to grow and more people benefit from the results.  As always, 100% of your donations go straight to our projects.


Mundo Exchange funds the operation of the Asociación Centro de Educación y Formación Maya Ixil (CEMIK), a non-profit school for children who otherwise would not receive an education.  This is our fourth year that we have provided funds for 60+ primary-aged students and their two teachers.  Students learn Spanish and Ixil literacy skills as well as gain knowledge about their Maya Ixil heritage and how to care for the surrounding environment.  Bilingual literacy skills are essential for any Maya to venture successfully into the Guatemalan work world.  Just as essential is the fight against malnutrition, which stalks so many Maya children.  CEMIK provides a daily nutritional meal to each student in attendance.  CEMIK has been surviving on a shoestring now for over 20 years and many of their students have gone on to become leaders in the community.  The school currently operates on a budget of $4,800.

In addition, your donations help several young and elder scholars keep their dreams of a career alive.  They are all working hard to complete their various goals.  Maria just completed her teacher degree and is now bravely in her first semester of educating middle school students, working in the barrios of Guatemala City – one of the most dangerous places in the world.  Mateo is in his fourth year of university studies to become a family lawyer focused on domestic violence.  Marta is in her third year of high school and plans to become the first Ixil woman in Chajul to be a physician.  Jose Luis is finishing high school with the hope of going on to study agronomy at the university.  His focus is creating a variety of organic composts systems.  Our elementary and middle school students are hopeful of passing their exams and pursuing their future professional dreams. MartaFamily

Mundo Exchange is ever so proud to help connect St. Leo’s church in Oakland, California with the parish of El Durazno just outside of Guatemala City.  The El Durazno parish is a community of hard working, undereducated families trying to survive in the midst of violence and poverty.  St. Leo’s funds helped complete a new church for the parishioners and also supports a very active adult literacy program.    img_4300

In the remote mountainous  village of Pal, Mundo Exchange resources helped build a new community center where health workers, human rights advocates, educators, agronomists and other visitors can stay and work.  We are currently raising funds so that the center’s mud floor can be cemented before the rainy season starts.  img_5345

Finally, from the residents of the Hermano Pedro Casa de Ancianos (Brother Paul Elder Home) in Nuevo Santa Rosa, a huge thank you for the support of their well-being.  The 25 residents, who would otherwise be living on the street, thank the “Angels” from the North who help them receive high quality treatment and a safe and loving home. page-01


In Northeastern Thailand, Mundo Exchange continues to grow and reach out to new communities and individuals in need.  A Facebook and GoFundMe campaign helped build a new home for a family whose personal safety was being compromised by the lack of walls, doors and windows. We are just beginning to raise funds for the next family who still live in their cardboard home. elder

Our volunteers, in partnership with the community hospital, are providing much needed food, daily living supplies, and friendship to the sick and elderly who are without family community support.  We also help ensure the children of these individuals have the school supplies and transport needed to go to school on a regular basis.

The Mundo Exchange Dental is program is growing with enthusiastic leaps and bounds.  Improving dental health has been embraced by many of the rural school directors, teachers, parents and students.  Thanks to the help of many volunteers and all of the donated toothbrushes, paste, floss and educational materials hundreds of students are able to brush their teeth daily and correctly.  Hopefully this will make a difference in not only their tooth health, but in how families view the importance of daily tooth care for everyone in the family.  We appreciate the ongoing donations of dental supplies and are committed to getting those toothbrushes into the hands of as many children as we can!  Our goal is to have youth enter their twenties with as full a set of teeth as possible to help ensure overall good health through their years.   carolyn-and-cody-and-toothbrushes

We have had several volunteers work in the small rural schools outside of Bueng Kan, teaching English in partnership with local teachers. It is a fun experience for everyone and provides rich learning opportunities for the students, teachers, and volunteers alike.  In one of the schools where we have volunteered for over four years, the students just brought home the Number One prize for best English skills!6768785179_551b607b68_o


 A shout out to all of our volunteers and donors!  You are a diverse group of individuals and families, coming from all corners of the world.  You raise and donate funds, school and health supplies.  You improve the English skills of youth and adults, providing them opportunities for better professions.  You help the blind increase their confidence and mobility skills.  You plant vegetable gardens, improve dental hygiene, increase local community  knowledge of environmental awareness and care of animals, bring needed food and supplies and caring hearts to the elder and sick and share kindness and goodwill with new friends.  It is a rich cultural exchange.  Whether from afar or near, your energy, care and kindness is continuously appreciated and each one of you has made an everlasting and positive impact on the lives of people in rural Thailand and Guatemala.  We feel honored to be a part of this outreach. Please know each one of you are always welcome to visit (and volunteer!) should you find yourselves heading our way.

Kampafa, Cody Carolyn Kitty john