About Mundo Exchange

Welcome to Mundo Exchange

“Short term global volunteering for long-term development”

Mundo Exchange is a non-profit organization working to support cultural exchanges around the world. With current projects in Thailand and Guatemala, Mundo Exchange teams with local communities in rural, high-need areas to facilitate cultural exchange projects that enrich the lives of the participants and strengthen the communities in which we work. We believe that cross-cultural participation and an equal exchange of ideas and culture help bring global perspectives to those involved and can encourage positive development throughout the globe. Our volunteers inspire and are inspiring. Those interested in volunteering, sponsoring or donating to Mundo Exchange global projects can participate in a multitude of ways. Friends can sponsor a student or orphan, donate their time through volunteering or interning abroad or help organise a fund raising event. Contact Us to learn more

Mundo’s Vision

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Mundo Exchange is committed to providing excellent, innovative, high quality volunteer programs and global exchanges for all ages. Our affordable volunteer programs include cross cultural and teaching training, exploration of the local culture and ways through our cultural outings.

We strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of volunteers, interns and those we serve. We strive to provide high quality international services for meaningful volunteer experiences. Mundo provides scholarships and international funding to individuals and for community and small business development in areas that are in great need financially.

Mundo volunteers believe that the money should go to the people in less economically developed regions, towards grassroots projects that will enable community, environmental, economic and educational growth. Volunteer fees and outside donations are used only for local people who truly need your help and assistance. Volunteers of Mundo Exchange believe that this credence is integral to the structure and success of our global work. It is a unique cross cultural experience and exchange where we work as a global team to explore different ways of helping those who are educationally and financially disadvantaged.

If you are interested in joining our international non-profit team of global service providers and volunteers /interns in Thailand and Guatemala or making financial donations to our projects in the Dominican Republic please  Contact Us.

Boomers, young gap year travelers, business teams, families, university teams and interns, and also virtual armchair volunteers are welcome to volunteer with our projects that are locally defined. We are a small NGO that is determined to work hard on community development projects to serve those in need and also to learn from those from other cultures. Cross cultural experiences for all is esential to our vision and mission.

We strive to keep the volunteer and intern fees low and affordable to accommodate the volunteer while still using the fees for local projects and those in financial need.  We also provide our visitors, volunteers and interns with letters of recommendation for universities and employers and letters of acceptance to obtain longer visa stays from your home country. Some of our internships and projects are free and volunteers only pay their own expenses. Contact Us to learn more about current available volunteer abroad opportunities.

Mundo’s Mission

All at Mundo Exchange believe that global volunteer exchanges can foster international understanding. We believe in the importance of international community development and outreach, global education, international service, environmental awareness, and that’s just the beginning. We believe that through hard work, humor, arts and educational opportunities, volunteers can participate in an exchange with international communities and individuals to enrich the lives of all of those involved. Volunteers with Mundo Exchange help to support grassroots international volunteer programs that lead to poverty reduction, economic sustainability, and increased knowledge of the educational and technical tools necessary for success in this modern world. We believe in non-discrimination and equality on all levels and strive to improve our worlds and selves.


Currently, in Thailand Mundo Exchange teams with Laekplian Lokgatat members to work on projects including helping in schools, working in local temples, developing community outreach projects, setting up community funds and preparedness for natural or man-made disaster, environmental awareness projects, and many more. Through the exchange of knowledge and cultural ways with international volunteers, Thais will learn community development, English language skills, business development, computer and technological skills, arts and extensive types of educational training. Mundo has teamed the Thai Association, Laekplian Lokgatat’s projects, members’ skill building, governmental fees and more, while keeping funding going only towards local projects, not to western coordinators or for project expansion. Apply to help our partners and our global volunteer projects. Contact Us for more information and to talk with a Mundo volunteer assistant.

Volunteer in Guatemala

Volunteers in Thailand have many different types of cultural activities to participate in and community development projects to assist. In Guatemala we go yearly with volunteers and team with other NGO’s to help our Mayan and Guatemalan friends with educational, medical, financial, and eco projects that help to lessen the gap between rich and poor. Contact Us for more information and to talk with a Mundo volunteer assistant.