Dominican Republic: Completed Projects

Although our projects are successfully completed in the DR at this time, we highly suggest those looking for volunteer positions check on availability of projects on line with the Peace Corp and other non-profit volunteer groups.  Below is information regarding Mundo’s volunteering past volunteer projects in the DR.

Sharon and Clark, Mundo Exchange volunteers and director, Joan Williams, and the Peace Corp teamed to help a very, very small and impoverished rural community in the Dominican Republic.  Sharon, Clark and Joan Williams met with community leaders and were asked to find volunteers to improve educational and technology opportunities for students at the local elementary school. Supplies were taken and are being used currently.

The DR is beautiful and the need for Spanish speaking volunteers is great.  Volunteers often help teach Spanish and English and help students learn more about computers and programs.

Dominican Republic students

DR Students waiting for school to begin

Volunteers often  live near the projects in community homes where living conditions are very basic. There may not be hot water but great cool bucket-only showers. In many places there is limited electricity and no cell phone or internet access. There are opportunities to get off the beaten trail and away from a technologically driven world.  Volunteers can learn from and with the community members and also help children that are in great need of increasing their language and computer skills.

Sharon helping Dominican Republic children and the community

Sharon volunteering to help DR students and parents

Future Volunteers or Interns helping non profit groups in the DR should often be able to:

  • speak Spanish fluently,
  • be flexible and independent,
  • have a never ending good sense of humor,
  • have a penchant for adventure,
  • and be willing to stay for longer periods of time volunteering.

For more information about possible free positions check out