Sponsorship Exchange

Sponsoring a child or adult is an amazing experience and a rewarding way to give to someone who is helping this world but finding it hard to finance their own business, education or community aid projects. Your financial exchange includes staying connected to those you help. You will be able to communicate by phone, letters, email or visit those you help to see how your sponsorship is making a difference to a child or adult in ThailandGuatemala or the Dominican Republic.

For decades Mundo Exchange friends, directors and members have been sponsoring individuals involved around the world. We select individuals who are in need of financial assistance to make their educational and occupational dreams come true. We sponsor individuals who are or striving to be inspiring leaders, who will give back to their local community, country and the world. We sponsor individuals who would otherwise not be able to attain their higher education, small business and/or community service goals.

Mundo carefully monitors and evaluates all sponsored recipients. We verify educational or project status, and keep in direct contact with all those who are sponsored. This is a ‘pay it forward’ type of exchange and all financial contributions, big or small, will help these individuals attain their goals. Currently Mundo Exchange is sponsoring individuals in Thailand and Guatemala. A 100% of your sponsorship donation goes to the accepted recipients.

Read below about some of the people who have been sponsored in the past or are currently being helped:

For many years now we have been sponsoring several aspiring scholars in the IxilTriangle area of the Cuchamantantes Mountains, Guatemala. One of our many success stories is Diego Chel:

Diego Chel has received sponsorship support and has completed his educational studies. He was born in a highland Mayan community of populations in resistance. It is a community dedicated to voice the importance of human rights for all, including the indigenous populations of Guatemala. Diego is an Ixil Mayan. He lost the use of his right arm when bitten by a poisonous snake years ago. Unable to become a local farmer, he was encouraged by Mundo to work towards becoming a teacher so that he could eventually teach local Mayans in both the dialect of Ixil and Spanish. Diego has taken higher education classes, participated in an educational practicum and now has excellent rapport with his own students. With his sponsor’s help over the years he has become a teacher now working to help the youth and local communities in his country.


Mundo’s Sponsorships: Educational and Occupational



Guatemala Tuition Assistance Fund
Our educational tuition assistance program helps young children and adults in Guatemala. Our selection process is used in all areas of the world and contributes to our success. We seek out those who have demonstrated an aptitude for education and whose families cannot afford the annual school inscription or monthly payments. We have helped many who have benefited from Mundo’s tuition assistance fund and the hope is that we will increase this opportunity for other youngsters and also elders wanting to improve their own lives and their communities. For elementary students, the yearly inscription is approximately $20.00 US dollars per year. For students in the middle school, costs rise to approximately $150.00 for books and inscription for a year. While this amount of money may seem inconsequential to many, it is prohibitive to the majority of Mayan citizens. Your monetary support provides an opportunity for many aspiring scholars that otherwise would be impossible to achieve. Contact Us to help or ask questions.………..back to the lists.

Medical, environmental and cottage industry Individual Assistance
In addition to the tuition assistance fund, we are providing support to local schools that allows students who cannot afford local inscription to participate in educational activities and receive a daily nutritional meal. Lessons are taught in Ixil and Spanish, in hopes that the local children will maintain their cultural heritage while beginning to step into the developing world economy that currently exists in Guatemala. Rights of indigenous peoples are stressed in the curriculum. Each donation allows more children who otherwise would not be able to access educational opportunities a possibility of earning an education and a future in a new Guatemalan society. Contact Us to help or ask questions.………..back to the lists.


Adult Higher Education Assistance
Our Adult Higher Education Assistance recipient is from a small village in Northern Isan Thailand. He left his village as a young child to attend school at a Buddhist temple more than 3 hours from his parents and family. As a novice he studied English and Buddhist teachings. He has also helped global volunteers and interns with many community development projects in Thailand, with writings, and art work. He helped to set up his own Thai Association in 2006. Donations will continue to finance his higher education studies in the field of English and computers. With his education, he aspires to continue to help others in his own community. He is an altruistic giver, an accomplished artist, and a young man who believes that the exchange of knowledge can better this world and communities. Contact Us to learn more.………..back to the lists.

Children’s Higher Education Fund
Mundo has established a Higher Education Fund for 3 young and excellent young students. Their families have continuously proven to be leaders in their own communities and have taught their children a love of learning With your support these selected children will be able to attend higher education learning facilities and in turn will help their Thai communities. Contact Us to learn more.………..back to the lists.

Orphans Medical and Care Assistance
Mundo Exchange is now assisting specific orphanages and orphans who are either terminally ill or are in need of financial assistance due to illness. To keep this assistance going each orphan needs monthly donations of approximately $20 for food, clothing, and medicine. With your support selected orphans will continue to get the attention and medical supplies needed to exist. Contact Us to help or ask questions.………..back to the lists.

Village Community Development Assistance Program
Donors for this village project will assist one of our elder Thai hosts projects. Vanida Sounthone Mongkhone has and continues to have an amazing life story. Your support is used to continue her work with local village families and individuals who are in need of employment. She teaches local people the skills necessary to make a living by making handicrafts. Your sponsorship will allow her to continue her work as a leader for poor village people who are willing to study to learn the skills necessary to gain a living wage. Contact Us to learn more………..back to the lists.

Volunteer and Intern Assistance Program

There are many retired and gap year volunteers and interns who want to come help Mundo’s projects in Thailand and Guatemala. Many simply do not have the resources to pay for their flights and travel to come help in our global volunteer projects. If you would like to assist these potential volunteers let us know and we will communicate with you on how best to help and send their resume too. Contact Us to help global volunteers.………..back to the lists.

Donate Supplies

If you would like to donate medical, environmental or educational supplies or materials, we can help you with this process. These donations will go to rural poor schools and people. We closely monitor the distribution and use of all supplies given by our donors. Contact Us and we will arrange for your donations of medical, environmental or educational supplies to go to those who are in financial need.………..back to the lists.

Apply for a Mundo Scholarship

If you would like to apply for a Mundo Exchange Sponsorship please Contact Us and we will send you an application and contact you by phone. Mundo Exchange is always looking to support educational and small business endeavors for those in need. Also, if you know of someone or group in need of medical assistance please let us know that too.………..back to the lists.