English Resources

Below you will find a list of educational and English teaching resources for teachers and students who wish to learn more English and find lessons for classroom use.

1. www.eslcafe.com

In the ‘idea cookbook’ category, teachers can find lots of ideas for games/activities/ etc for teaching English. There is also a category for quizzes, some of which are quite good.  Another interesting possibility on this site is the discussion forums for either teachers OR students…  Many English students from all over the world use these forums to enter their comments and opinions or questions about various topics…

2. www2.gol.com/users/language/games.html

3. a4esl.org

Besides ideas for games and activities, this site has a selection of Thai-English bilingual quizzes in the ‘Bilingual quizzes’ category.  Some of them are perhaps too advanced for beginning students, but there are some of the quizzes you and your teachers might find useful to use with your students!

The following English and teaching sites can be used by teachers who would like to download free reader’s theater scripts, many of which have been specifically designed for students of English as a Second Language.  (‘Reader’s Theatre’ involves having groups of 4-6 students read aloud the roles of particular characters in a story/poem/play….  There is no need for memorization of lines or practicing the acting… Readers’ Theater is more like a radio play than an ‘acted’ play..  BUT it does give secondary students the opportunity to practice reading English, speaking it, and pronouncing it in the security of a group of 4-6 others, so no-on need feel shy or intimidated… )

In Vancouver, Reader’s Theater is used a LOT with secondary English as a Second Language students…  Here are the sites where you can select and download for FREE scripts which would be appropriate for various levels of English proficiency:

1. www.readinglady.com/Readers_Theater/Scripts/scripts.html

2. www.aaronshep.com/rt/RTE.html

3. www.readerstheatre.ecsd.net/collection.htm

4. www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm