Mundo Exchange-Volunteering projects

Countries, where you can volunteer: Thailand.  Group Led opportunities in Guatemala can be arranged.

Mundo Exchange is a non-profit organization working to support cultural exchanges around the world.

Mundo Exchange is committed to providing excellent and innovative volunteer programs and global exchanges. We strive to provide high quality services for meaningful volunteer experiences.

Mundo Exchange provides scholarships and international funding for community and small business development in areas that are in great need financially.

Mundo Exchange volunteers believe that the money should go to the people in less economically developed regions, towardsgrassroots projects that will enable community, economic and educational growth.

Volunteer fees and outside donations do not go to western coordinators or program expansion and money is used for people who truly need it. In this way Mundo Exchange differs greatly from many international non-profit organizations and we believe that this credence is integral to the structure and success of our work.

The Mundo Exchange Mission

Our mission is to help build strong, healthy communities whereby local citizens have the knowledge and ability to access their human rights, including adequate health care, nutrition, a quality education, a safe family home environment and equal opportunity.  We do this by partnering with local community agents and international volunteers. Together we bring resources, including knowledge, skills, and funds, to complete projects that improve the self-sufficiency of community members.

All of us at Mundo Exchange believe in that volunteer exchanges foster international understanding. We believe in the importance of international community development and outreach, global education, international service, environmental awareness, and that’s just the beginning.

We believe that through hard work, humor, arts and educational opportunities, volunteers can participate in an exchange with international communities and individuals to enrich the lives of all of those involved.

Volunteers with Mundo Exchange help to support grassroots international volunteer programs that lead to

  • poverty reduction,
  • economic sustainability, and
  • increased knowledge of the educational and technical tools necessary for success in this modern world.

We believe in non-discrimination and equality on all levels and strive to improve our worlds and selves. As a non-profit we are considered a cross-cultural exchange organisation working to assist those in true need and also to promote international peace and understanding starting at the global grassroots levels.

Mundo Exchange

Mundo has been awarded non-profit status as a cross-cultural exchange organization promoting peaceful coexistence: #87-0781320/Q21.

Mundo Exchange at the moment is working in Thailand and Guatemala 

Mundo Exchange works closely with local associations and welcomes all who seek to promote social justice through their campaigns – contact us if you have any ideas we can help with.