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Our Projects


When you volunteer with Mundo Exchange’s community development projects it will open your heart to the people and their rich cultures in communities challenged by poverty and indifference. Many, especially the children and elders, the forgotten poor, are living well below the poverty line. Whether you are on a gap year, taking a break, or a retiree you can make a difference!


Medical and Health Care Projects

Mundo volunteers tackle healthcare challenges. They make a difference by supporting village children, mothers and elders who suffer from poverty-induced ailments, including malnutrition, HIV, dementia and developmental challenges. As a volunteer you will bring care and food to those in dire need and connect with and assist medical professionals.  You may also work on the Mundo Dental Project that gives children the tools and knowledge to improve their dental hygiene – a huge issue in many developing countries.

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Poverty Reduction & Safe Homes Projects

Mundo volunteers accompany children and families who are in harms way and in desperate need of adequate shelter. Security is always the issue. As a volunteer, you will work together with communities and directors of schools to build new homes or renovate existing homes to ensure safety and comfort of the family.

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Child Care and School Assistant Teaching Opportunities

Mundo’s community assistant projects promote social well-being through cultural and educational exchanges. Volunteers help improve English skills while working alongside Thai teachers.  You might help students learn English while teaching about how to brush your teeth or how to grow nutritious vegetables or recycle.  Mundo is dedicated to working with impoverished students who are far, far behind many of their cohorts living in the larger cities.

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Ecological Science, Astronomy and Math

As a Mundo volunteer you can help students learn about how to care for local plants and animals while teaching English language skills. You will work alongside Thai teachers who often know a lot about the area and how to preserve the natural environment. Volunteers usually work in small villages with community members who care deeply about saving the environment.

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Oral History

Mundo volunteers have the opportunity to assist in collecting the memories and cultural traditions of local elders.  Oral history retains cultural information from one generation to the next.  As a Mundo volunteer you will assist in the collection and documentation of these important stories so that the youth continue to understand and appreciate their culture and heritage.

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