Mundo Exchange Board

Board of Directors Mundo Exchange


Terry Meyers of Mundo Exchange

Terry is one of the founders of the nonprofit Mundo Exchange. She was instrumental in establishing Mundo as a registered international cross-cultural exchange NGO.  Terry worked in the field of bilingual early childhood education for over 30 years. She has helped many poor students and immigrants to learn language skills and cross cultural ways that allow them to successfully integrate into their communities. Terry has also successfully mentored new English as a Second Language instructors who explore new project based teaching methods and prepare to help second language students successfully learn. Terry is bilingual and assists with the development of Mundo Exchange service learning projects in all countries. She has become a well-appreciated photographer of children’s issues as well as a renowned cook. Terry and her husband, Quinn, assist with providing guide dogs for physically challenged individuals who live throughout the world. Terry oversees and coordinates the development of Mundo Exchange and our global volunteering projects from her home in Berkeley.

Joan Williams of Mundo ExchangeJoan Williams has volunteered, lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe. Earlier in life, Joan traveled, volunteered and worked as an international mountain climbing guide and Outward Bound instructor.  On her journeys, she frequently observed the gross inequities that exist within communities around the globe.   Joan has immersed herself in community causes that support social justice and cross-cultural understanding. She is a global community development psychologist and carries an expertise in conflict resolution within international communities. Joan has introduced several Mundo Exchange volunteers to the Mayan areas of the Ixil Triangle and Rio Blanco, Guatemala. She works with and for local Mayan, Thai and the Dominican Republic constituents. Joan continues to support cross-cultural community-based aid projects focused on enhanced educational and mental health services. Joan is a leader of Mundo Exchange and supports our projects where volunteers can exchange ways, experience new cultures and explore life within new social frameworks abroad.

Pam Hayes of Mundo Exchange

Pam is a Mundo Exchange board member and invaluable advisor. As an Outward Bound lead instructor, Pam has helped many individuals and groups face personal challenges while learning compassion, respect, generosity and the respect for differences in physically demanding learning settings. These past experiences and others help to make her an important board member for Mundo Exchange. Pam and her family are instrumental at promoting social, ecological and environmental changes in their own communities and the global society. Pam and her husband, Peter, have sailed around the world learning more about different cultural ways and perspectives.  Her children, Ben and Molly, are involved in important global and eco projects. Pam professionally is a meteorologist.  As a Mundo Exchange board member she offers advice and assistance with community development, nonprofit and volunteer projects in Thailand and Guatemala.

Dalyn Simmons of Mundo Exchange

Dalyn has worked and lived throughout the world, frequently in areas of political conflict and economic depression.  Her professional experiences include work in social science research, international studies and humanities instruction. She has worked with at risk and university students, as well as gifted and the disabled to promote cross-cultural and self understanding. Dalyn was an ombudsman for at risk elders and the adult disabled, volunteered to help the displaced in the Middle East, and assisted with community development projects in Latin America, Asia and North America. She has collaborated on many cross cultural projects, including service learning, international curriculum and project based program design, judicial investigation, and project based human relations learning programs. She currently assists Mundo Exchange as an international volunteer and with project management projects associated with peaceful coexistence, poverty reduction, children rights relief and environmental awareness.


Michael Ray of Mundo Exchange

Michael Ray has worked for the Portland, Oregon city government for years. His work includes local and regional community development projects that address existing and future safety needs for communities and their residents. Michael has also been a long time friend and supporter of Mundo Exchange global community aid projects, providing important advice and feedback regarding nonprofit development and global project issues. He has traveled extensively and his work and interests are in the people and lands of Latin America. Over the years Michael and been an active global citizen in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica learning about the people and cultures of the community members. Michael is bilingual and  helps Mundo Exchange projects that are concerned with making this planet a better place for all to live, travel and work.