P1060932Mundo Exchange Organized Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

Mundo works with local indigenous Maya, supporting their self-defined community-based projects that build skills and infrastructure for self sufficiency within the community. Human rights, health, human services, and safety statistics continue to be very minimal in these areas. Throughout the country, an enduring and significant inequity between indigenous and non-indigenous people has always existed. The poverty levels in Guatemala remain higher than in any other Central American country.  Malnutrition continues to be a major cause of death in both children and adults.  Access to potable water, adequate nutritious food, social and health services, education and justice services is limited at best.

Although we do not have a continuos volunteer program in Guatemala, if you are interested in volunteering in the Highlands of Guatemala, please contact us and we can arrange an opportunity.

To learn more about Mundo Exchange projects in Guatemala please contact Joan Williams, Executive Director of Mundo at or call us in the US at 503-227-8442.