Laekplian Lokgatat Thai Association

The ethos of Mundo Exchange volunteering outlook

Mundo Exchange and Laekplian Lokgatat Thai Association

Thai nationals, beginning in 2006, worked together to develop the Thai association, Laekplian Lokgatat, meaning Global Exchange. Members consist of young people, elders, teachers, business people, students, farmers, musicians, artists and other community members of Thailand. Lokgatat emerged with the help of many who believe in a unique kind of global exchange, in cultural tolerance, and cross cultural community involvement. Numerous Thais successfully formed this Thai association, partnering with Mundo and other charities to coordinate local projects in a vast array of capacities. Mundo Exchange helps Lokgatat and Thailand financially by giving microloans, tuition funding for learning, and by providing volunteers who work together with Lokgatat members to assist the Thai community, particularly children and those in financial and educational need. Lokgatat being a nonprofit association decided to team with the nonprofit NGO Mundo Exchange. Together the two groups work to support communities in Thailand, and in Guatemala and other countries too.

As an NGO, Mundo Exchange partners with many nonprofits and other global NGO’s. As a partner we help to bring only selected, high quality volunteers, groups and interns to experience home stays, explore cultural differences and exchange cultural developmental ways that promote justice and tolerance of other cultures.

Nalinrat Suvvanavong. Jai Dee Pe Mi

Nalinrat is a warm hearted lady of Isaan

Nalinrat comes from the Bueng Kan area in Northeast Thailand and has lived and worked throughout the country.Nalinrat comes from a family of 10 and when little would go into the jungle area to find food for her siblings.  Nalinrat has contributed immensely to the shape, scope and focus of the goals and projects of both Laekplian Lokgatat and Mundo Exchange. She is eager to bring volunteers to Thailand to work together on projects including English language acquisition in the local communities. Currently she provides assistance in countless areas including project design, administrative tasks, and Thai language instruction for staff and volunteers. Nalinrat has educational backgrounds in business, education, alternative medicine and Thai massage. Nalinrat is excited to bring attention to her home of Northeast Thailand, an economically challenged region that is rich with diverse languages, music, art, food and lifestyles. Nalinrat is a leader in the Thai association, Lokgatat that partners with Mundo Exchange.



Prayoon Namprai

Prayoon focuses on the middle way


Prayoon has been working with Mundo Exchange to help create a new and different type of volunteer organization in Thailand. Prayoon comes from a beautiful village where his family works as rice farmers. His sister is a teacher and the other is a business woman with a young beautiful child. Prayoon decided to leave his family at a very young age so as to study in a Buddhist temple. Prayoon’s association shares Mundo’s goal of working with volunteers to provide assistance to those in true need in areas with few volunteers.  Prayoon shares his time between Mundo Exchange and his other professional commitments while acting as a full member of the Laeplian Lokgatat Association. Prayoon has assisted in many ways through the contribution of his original ideas and has served as a teacher of English and Art at an Isan Buddhist temple. Prayoon provides English and computer assistance and support with writing, translation, and artwork. In exchange he has been granted a scholarship to pursue higher education goals. Prayoon is an active and valuable member and founder of Lokgatat and cohort of Mundo.



Wanida is one of the first founders of Laekplian Lokgatat. She supports Lokgatat by giving ideas and support. She is an excellent and caring teacher and has helped many Thai children learn about Thai ways and culture, as well as global volunteers. She is well known in her Thai community for her work and her good ways. She and her husband have 3 children who are now at University. One has lived and studied in the United States, another is a university student in Bangkok and the other is just beginning his higher educational studies in Thailand. Wanida has helped volunteers feel at home and included them in numerous Thai ceremonies and celebrations.

Takaya is a well know and successful teacher in Thailand. After completing her university studies she decided not to become a government official but instead to help the children of Isan Thailand. Her hours are long, her strength is great. She uses her Buddhist ways to help global volunteers who come to team with her at her school and at other schools. She has also helped teach Thai vegetarian cooking to volunteers and comes by the volunteer house to give support to new and old volunteers. She has helped with projects at the Ban Nong Khai orphanage too. She is one of the founders and supporters of Lokgatat. She helps her community by teaching Thai teachers, in Thai schools and giving so much to her Thai community. She and her friend, Gyb, have combined forces to learn different ways of rice farming and environmentally friendly gardening.


Chai lives with his wife Oil and daughter in the Bueng Kan area of Northeast Thailand. Chai for decades studied and worked as a Buddhist monk in Nong Khai province. Now Kittichai and his wife both work in the local Thai public school system. Kittichai’s enthusiasm for improving the Thai educational projects is only surpassed by his eagerness to think creatively and constructively about how best to help his students, community, family and enrich the lives of those around him. Kittichai helps in the development and implementation of various teaching and temple projects in Thailand.


Oum was born in Isan Thailand and went to school in Udon Thani. She has taught computer skills to unskilled community members in the Nong Khai province. She is a valuable member of Laekplian Lokgatat Association giving guidance and support to the Thai team and global volunteers who come to help her people. She has taken Yoga lessons in India, traveled to other parts of the world, and is a leader amongst our international volunteers. Her higher education training and degrees have made it possible for her to help others from Asia in business too.  Her English skills, warmth and kindness make it easy for volunteers to learn and talk with Oum. She continues to do business in Bangkok area while she lives in Isan.


A has helped Lokgatat since its beginning. He is a musician in the south of Thailand and loves singing, song writing and playing music on his base and acoustic guitars.  When his grandfather was having difficulties in Isan, he moved for 3 months to help his family. When his cousin was starting a new business in the Chaing Mai he moved again to help her and her family get started by singing and entertaining guests. He has also played music in Nong Khai with various bands and has helped a number of volunteers feel at home.  His interest in learning English and showing the good way is brilliant.


O is a Thai business woman who is available in Bangkok if incoming volunteers need assistance. O was raised in the south and later began to work in business in Bangkok. She now helps to get supplies for her family business and has worked in organizational capacities too. O is involved in her family welfare helping to support her family emotionally and financially. She has worked with a number of volunteers helping to create one of our first volunteer centre’s. She helped to teach Thai language while learning English with volunteers and interns. She is currently residing in Bangkok but is still a vital member of her family’s Isan community.


Olay is a recognized and active community member in Isan. Olay after completing his higher educational degree worked in a local financial institution where he helped locals. It was not long until Olay decided his work life would take a new direction. He has become a well-known cook. Olay has started a Thai restaurant where volunteers from Mundo and Lokgatat can go eat and also learn to cook some very, very great Thai recipes Olay also worked on forming Lokgatat so that his Thai community schools and projects could easily bring highly regarded volunteers to Thailand.


Mr. P was one of the first members of Laekplian Lokgatat. He and his family reside in Nong Khai and have helped Lokgatat and have given many donations to orphanages in Nong Khai. They have also spent many days helping volunteers of Mundo and Lokgatat feel welcomed and at home. He even took one volunteer to play golf with a Thai governor. His family includes his wife, daughter, son, mother,


Pa Is one of the Thai leaders in our Isan area, He has been given awards by the Royal Thai Family for his community work with and for elders who are in need. He has also helped to form Lokgatat and has met many volunteers as they go on cultural outings to wats, waterfalls and gardens. He is always available to give Lokgatat Association guidance and assistance. He truly is a special and giving Buddhist Thai man. He is a leader in his community wat or temple and gives a helping hand to those in need. Years ago he helped to found a small Isan town and gave food, money and supplies to many even though he had 10 Thai children and a wife.

GIngha has consistently been a leader for Laekplian Lokgatat. His knowledge of community service and associations is formidable. He works in the Thai public schools and is a leader in the area. His family is composed of his wife, who is also a teacher, and one son and two daughters who are excellent students and community members. His ability to see what is needed to improve Thai communities is excellent. He has served to help Lokgatat in many ways, including spending times with global volunteers that Mundo Exchange helps send to serve Lokgatat projects.


Chuntip is a Lokgatat founder and lives in Udon Thani. She and her two sons and has been instrumental in helping the Thai Association, Laekplian Lokgatat and Mundo too. Chuntip’s ability to oversee the ways of the Association and give advice about how to improve projects and volunteer stays is invaluable. Chuntip has traveled abroad but loves Thailand. Chuntip has made it possible for many foreign volunteers to come and help in Thailand. Although a business woman in Isan, Chuntip always takes time to help the association and global volunteers.


Beem is a young Thai man who is finishing his university studies. He joined the Thai Association to help with various projects which included helping us to design a website. He is gifted and always takes time for volunteers and community development projects. Beem is currently working in the Udon Thani area. Recently Beem and other community association members from Lokgatat went to a project and helped young boys without parental support to enjoy life a bit more.  Beem is a respected and well thought of Thai.


BB came to Thailand over 30 years ago and returned after the tsunami hit the coast of Thailand. She joined a great volunteer group that helped the people of Thailand. BB decided that nonprofit and NGO charity work was what her true calling was and is, so she helped form Mundo Exchange. BB has been involved in volunteer work since age 5 when her family helped street people at community centres.  BB volunteer work includes helping the Red Cross, the Quakers and Middle East peace projects, and the disabled and elders. She now volunteers with Lokgatat helping with their community development projects and teaming with other organizations around the world.


Apple is a Thai business woman who recently joined Laekplian Lokgatat Association’s community development projects. Having lived abroad for a number of years and working in other countries she has much to tell her young and old friends about cross cultural relationships, ways, differences and similarities. She is an association advisor and helps to think of ways to improve volunteer stays and also helps her own Thai community.

We have more Thai Association members that will be added and soon Thai readers will also be able to learn about Lokgatat in their own language.