Virtual Volunteering – Online Volunteers

Virtual volunteers have work, illness, family commitments, and disabilities that keep them from leaving their home country. Virtual volunteering provides a valuable and important way to help people who can’t afford college or tech classes. VV also offers a cross cultural exchange of skills and ideas that can promote better global understanding.

Mundo Exchange volunteer Linda Danielson

Linda serves as a virtual and a in country Thailand volunteer

All you need is an Internet connection and computer, a good sense of humor, and a lot of patience and laughter. Students abroad will have access via our free Learning Centre to respond and learn with you each week.

What Virtual Volunteers Teach:

  • English communication skills, writing, and vocabulary building,
  • Skills for University English Entry Exams,
  • Project based curriculum design for English classrooms,
  • Computer literacy skills,
  • Internet learning projects on subjects that interest you (web design, art, music, environmental projects)
  • Word Press, XHTML skills,
  • Photography programs like Flickr from Yahoo and Picasa from Google,
  • Basic Web design skills,
  • SEO skills,
  • Basic Word skills,
  • Basic Excel skills,
  • Farming,
  • Ecological Projects,
  • English curriculum skills and material design,
  • English teacher’s assessment skills,
  • English teacher’s how to use games and project learning materials.
Scott helping Thais learn more computer skills

Scott helped both virtually and on site teaching Thais computer and web design

Other Virtual Volunteers provide schools with:

  • Games and materials for English classrooms
  • Curriculum materials for Computer classrooms
  • Fiction and Non-fiction short English Stories for Foreign Teachers

Other VV interested in Non-profit Work can:

  • Fund raisers to help provide shoes, clothing, clean water sources, bicycles and school supplies, glasses, farm equipment, energy efficient technological items for orphans, Thai schools and teachers, and other community development projects.
  • Write grants for funding of Mundo Exchange projects in Thailand, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic
  • Make donations for specific or general programs in Thailand, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic
  • Provide SEO and web development skills
Amy Fry 2008 Mundo Exchange volunteer and continuous virtual volunteer

Amy Fry virtual and Thailand in country volunteer

Amy came along with Sid in 2008 to help orphans at their summer camp. Amy later returned with her sister Sophie and again by herself. She has been instrumental along with her British friends in fund raising for orphan kids. Read more about Amy’s and Sid’s (Nadeem Siddiqui) story of volunteering with Mundo Exchange in Nong Khai Thailand.

Some of Mundo Exchange’s virtual volunteers have later traveled to volunteer abroad after creating data bases, web stories, and more. They have found that virtual volunteering provides much appreciated knowledge that is transmitted by emailing and being available on-line just a few hours a week.

For virtual recipients it gives another learning opportunity and an intercultural experience. Both the volunteer and the virtual learner are able to share globally while learning locally.

Virtual and incountry volunteer Joan Williams

If you are ready to be a Mundo Exchange Virtual Volunteer, please answer the following questions and return to

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your daytime telephone number
  • How would you like to help?
  • Have you helped other global students via the Internet?
  • What virtual or offline volunteer activities have you participated in with other nonprofit organizations?
  • What do you believe volunteering virtually is important? Please share your ideas about volunteering virtually so we can let your student know more about you.
  • What would be your ideal virtual volunteering experience?


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How does virtual volunteering work?

You start by sending in your virtual volunteer application. (See Above) Selected Virtual Hosts supply a 4-week outline of the course of study and on-line materials and assignments/projects that will be used. We give feedback and further information on how to initiate and complete these projects. We then match you with a virtual student. The virtual volunteer contacts the recipient by email and provides a letter of introduction and the agreed upon outline of study. The Recipient responds with questions and ideas of their own. During the virtual volunteer process you both will submit time sheets and progress reports. At the end of the project we conduct an evaluation so as to offer better support in the future.

Is there a fee or expense involved in volunteering online?

No. Our virtual volunteering program is free to teachers, organizations and interested individuals and groups. Age is not limited, so all are encouraged to volunteer. If you would like to donate to Mundo for this service that is up to you or your organization. All of your donation will be monitored and provide the country of your choice with needed supplies and educational materials.

Contact Us if you are interested in joining this interactive learning experience!

Learn More About Mundo Exchange’s Ideals

Mundo Exchange is a non-profit organization working to support cultural exchanges around the world.

Mundo Exchange is committed to providing excellent and innovative volunteer programs and global exchanges. We strive to provide high quality services for meaningful volunteer experiences.

Mundo Exchange provides scholarships and international funding for community and small business development in areas that are in great need financially.

Mundo Exchange volunteers believe that the money should go to the people in less economically developed regions, and towards grassroots locally defined projects that will enable community, economic and educational growth.

Volunteer fees and outside donations do not go to western coordinators or program expansion.  All of the money is used for people who are truly need it. In this way Mundo Exchange truly supports non-profit ideals. Mundo members believe that this credence is integral to the structure and success of true 501 c3 work.