Program Fees and Information


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 Volunteer Donation Payment in US Dollars
One week or less   400
 2 weeks  685
4 weeks  815
8 weeks 1075

What your fees cover:

  • Your required cross-cultural orientation includes cultural training, basic language lessons, a welcome meal, a Thai cooking class at your placement or at the centre, an Isaan ceremony, a full day cultural excursion, and local immigration registration,
  • Initial transportation costs to and from your placement or placements,
  • A secure volunteer placement designed by your Thai hosts,
  • Basic accommodation during your volunteering or intern time,
  • Internet access at the volunteer home, most schools and placements,
  • Use of the Mundo volunteer house supplies and books,
  • Visitation to a local wat,
  • Bicycles for home stays and around town,
  • Thai/Western style equipped kitchen, water and cooking supplies,
  • An introduction to Buddhist philosophy and Isaan Buddhist life if interested,
  • A Certificate of Completion for those successfully completing their orientation and project(s),
  • A reference letter for those staying 2 months+ & successfully complete their projects,
  • Collaboration with university accredited study programs,
  • 24/7 evacuation plan and support for emergencies,
  • Translation and assistance for medical care,
  • A free lunch at some placements,
  • A place to leave your items for those planning to volunteer after travel,
  • Pre-arrival information and cultural support during your stay,
  • Ongoing communication about your placements after you leave,
  • Assistance with immigration issues,
  • Sponsorship for a work permit & non-immigrant O single entry visa
  • Assistance with going to the medical clinic/doctor if you are ill
Gyp is building an eco-friendly house from natural resources.

Volunteers helping to make mud bricks for a natural and inexpensive house

 Costs you are responsible for:

  • Airfares and transportation to your orientation,
  • If you come and go to your placements, transportation to and from your projects is up to you,
  • All vaccines and medications and medical concerns,
  • Visas and work permits travel and fees,
  • Health insurance,
  • Personal expenses,
  • If you stay at a wat or home stay, expenses run about 1500 baht a week for your sponsorship, lodging, food, and care,
  • If staying at the volunteer house, your food and personal expenses,
  • Shared costs for any extra overnight excursions.
young Thai boy after getting wet throwing water and powder

Cross-cultural sharing!

If you would like to stay a night or two at the volunteer home after your volunteering experience and there is room, that is ok. A 10 USD per day is asked for volunteer home expenses (kitchen use, accommodation, wifi, lights,hot water, etc.).


Thailand experiences the Bai Sri Su Kwan again

How to Apply

Read through our site information written by previous global participants and local Thai partners. In this way you will truly understand our vision and mission as an international NGO. It is important to us that you have a great experience.
You will need:

an open heart and mind,




a very flexible attitude,



    • a joy for working-to-better the lives of others,



    • the ability to adjust to changes,



    • and an attitude that respects cultural ways and differences.


For younger volunteers Mundo will talk with both you and your family prior to your acceptance and arrival. Working as a team together to understand expectations of you is good.”

5200820653_d0b08b77a1_o Contact us at or on our website and let us know of your interest in volunteering in Thailand.
We will send you information and the 2nd volunteer application.
When you decide to volunteer, we require a 200 Euro deposit which is usually paid at least one month prior to your arrival.  Your deposit is non-refundable and is used immediately upon your confirmation by your Thai hosts to prepare your accommodation, orientation, cross cultural outings and placements.
Two weeks prior to attending your orientation you must pay the remaining fees, which is totally refundable up to 2 weeks prior to your scheduled orientation. Written notification and a phone call is required should you need to cancel.
*If you are not able to come at the last minute, you may select to reserve an alternate date or you can send a family member or friend in your place. This must be completed within 5 years.
1. Abide by the laws of Thailand.
2. No excessive drinking and no illegal drugs.
3. Adherence to the local cultural customs:  Wear appropriate attire (covered shoulders, cleavage and mid-drift, pants or dresses at or below knee level, tattoos and piercings covered up.)

Students greeting Mundo volunteer teacher

Students greeting Mundo volunteer teacher



OPTION #1  Home Stay
For volunteers wanting to completely integrate into Thai village life and help local communities, home stays are your best choice.  You must be independent and flexible.
A home-stay is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in rural Thai culture while living with a host family and volunteering at a local school or project.  Host families cook amazing Thai meals for you and will offer a unique insight into what life is truly like in rural Isaan Thailand. This is also a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture and learn Thai!
As home stay volunteers we pay a weekly fee to the family for all of our meals, drinks and snacks for each week.  If we want air con, and it is sometimes available and costs an additional 500 baht per week.
We recommend you ask us for contact information from our past home stay volunteers. They have a lot of great information and will also answer questions you may have.

Mundo Volunteer welcome ceremony

Mundo Volunteer welcome ceremony

OPTION #2 Mundo Guest Home
Participants can also choose to work at local community sites and stay in our Mundo Guest Home where there is a kitchen, the Mundo Library, wireless internet, shared bicycles, hot water and basic shared bedrooms.  You cover your own food and personal costs while staying at the Centre.
Mundo staff stay nearby or at the centre so you will have access to their cultural and linguistic expertise.  Breakfast and lunch costs about 1 Euro and Dinner costs between 1 and 5 Euro of USD, depending on your appetite and food and drink needs.  (Lunch is generally included for participants working in the schools.)
Participants are welcome to combine a Centre stay with a Home stay, although we ask that you begin at the Home stay for at least two weeks in order to fully appreciate the immersion experience.
[caption id="attachment_1247" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Volunteer Haddie climbed a high and sacred peak in Isan Volunteer cultural outings