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Community Development Projects 

In Guatemala 80% of children are severely malnourished.

They live in hunger every day.
For only $10 you can feed a family for a month.

Be the reason they smile.

Over 60% of youth in Thailand show signs of severe tooth decay, both lowering self confidence and increasing chances of life threatening illnesses later in life.

Give one child a healthier smile for just $2 today!

Equal Education for Thailand

Due to lack of adequate education, nearly 50% of 15 year old students in small villages are functionally illiterate. Rural village schools lack the budget to provide up to date learning materials and educational supplies.

You can change that.

Hospitals have the medicine, patients just need the ride.

$15 a month will ensure HIV positive outpatients a ride to and from the hospital, providing access to free and vital medication.

Help us get them there.

Elders are struggling in poverty daily.

They need comfort, companionship, and care.

Urgent Needs

Long Term Community Support Projects

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Every child deserves a healthy start in life, and no one deserves to go to bed hungry. Driven by these beliefs, Mundo Exchange fights to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food.

Oral Health

Everyone should have both access and knowledge of basic oral health care. Mundo Exchange teams up with the local governments to provide dental care, education and supplies to children who are living in poverty.

Education in Guatemala

Every child has the right to an education which is why Mundo Exchange is a proud and strong supporter of CEMIK – a school dedicated to giving young children living in poverty a free education in both Spanish and their native Maya language, Ixil, so they can give back to their community.

Education in Thailand

Every child has the right to a complete education, which is why Mundo Exchange supports small village schools dedicated to giving young children living in poverty an education equal of their peers from larger cities.

Home (Re)Construction

Every person has the right to safe, secure shelter that protects them from dangerous elements – both natural and human . Mundo Exchange teams up with local communities to ensure that every family has a secure space and a roof over their heads.

HIV/AIDS Treatment

Fear of stigmitization should never stop someone from getting the medical care they need.  Mundo advocates that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter their condition.


Elder Care

All people have the right to healthy aging, and in the end of life have a right to be treated with dignity and receive compassionate care. Mundo Exchange pushes for elders to be in a safe home that meets their basic needs for food, shelter, safety and companionship.

Successful Projects