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Volunteering Goals

Short Term Global Volunteering for Long Term Development

Mundo Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to transform the lives of children, families, and communities by tackling poverty and providing opportunities for equality. Currently working in Thailand and Guatemala, Mundo Exchange partners with international volunteers and donors and local community agents in order to facilitate community-driven, culturally responsive development projects that will improve the lives of community members. We believe that cross-cultural exchanges of ideas and work help bring multiple perspectives to solve local challenges and enhance global understanding of all participants. If you are ready to change your life and the lives of others, you can help out in a multitude of ways:

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Volunteers are a core part of our team.  Without your efforts we cannot accomplish the important work we are doing.  We at Mundo Exchange work hard to make sure you have a high quality and meaningful volunteer experience.

Here’s how we do it:

Affordability – We keep our fees low!  Mundo co-founders donate all the funds necessary to run the administrative activities, so your fees go directly to your volunteer experience and to our grassroots projects in the local communities that ultimately make life better for people who too often go hungry, live in unsafe homes, and are marginalized from critical education and health services. Volunteers of Mundo Exchange believe that “paying it forward” is integral to the success of our work.

Support – Once you join our team our ground staff will begin to work with you, providing pre-departure and arrival information, cultural orientation, language support, housing, food, training for your volunteer site, and constant on-the-ground support when you are in your volunteer placement. We only place you in a Homestay that we have thoroughly researched and know you will be well taken care of.  Our volunteer placements  are constantly monitored to ensure a quality experience for both you and those you work with.

Experience – Our international staff are all long-term travelers and volunteers themselves and will share with you the many helpful tools you can use to make your travels and volunteer experience as safe as possible.  Together we have logged well over a hundred years of experience working and traveling in developing countries.


Long term commitment to the communities we work in – We firmly believe that working and living in a community OVER TIME is key to creating sustainable relationships and meaningful positive changes.  The Mundo team has been partnering with our communities in NE Thailand and Guatemala since 2006. We are committed to continue our work in both communities. 

Safety – Of prime concern always is your safety and comfort.  We work closely with our community partners to screen volunteer and homestay opportunities to make your experience comfortable and safe.  We also ask that each one of our volunteers have Traveler’s Insurance so that should an accident or illness occur, you have the opportunity to receive the best and immediate care possible.  Our bilingual staff will provide assistance during an emergency to make sure you get to a site of care.

Friendships – Because we are a small organization that has made long-term contributions to the local communities, we also have developed a level of trust and understanding that is passed onto our volunteers.  Not only will you find yourself making a difference for the community, you will also have an opportunity to develop life long friendships with those you work with and serve.  Our volunteers are FOREVER members of the families they live with and often maintain contact with community members they met during their volunteer experience.

Responsibility – Finally, as volunteers, we are guests in these beautiful and unique cultures.  Arriving to your volunteer site on time each morning, working the agreed hours, letting us know if there is a problem, wearing appropriate clothing, maintaining culturally respectful behavior and remembering that we are ambassadors of our countries is of utmost concern to us.  Our ability to create meaningful change in these communities is only possible through respectful, responsible behavior from each one of us.

Adventure and Entertainment – While we embrace hard work, we also embrace fun and adventure.  We will help you hook up with local trusted adventure partners to experience the natural beauty of these areas and local cultural activities.  Weekends are reserved for learning about the surrounding areas, but laughter and silliness is something that can happen on a daily basis.

If you are interested in joining our international non-profit team of global service volunteers and interns in Thailand or Guatemala  please read about our projects and Contact Us to learn more about current available volunteer abroad opportunities.  Whether you are taking a break from work, retired, traveling on a gap year, sharing a volunteer vacation with your family, or a virtual volunteer we will put your skills to work.