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Program Fees

 Prices are for one month only. Payment must be made once you make an agreed commitment to volunteer with Mundo Exchange. If for any reason you choose to extend your time at the school beyond one month, you will be completely independent of Mundo Exchange.  

What the fee covers for both options:

  • Initial transportation to your project site from Buengkan, Thailand
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation and placement set up
  • Lunches on school days
  • One (1) weekend outing with Mundo
  • Emergency avaiability and liaison in case of unresolveable conflicts

Costs you are responsible for:

  • Airfares and transportation to Buengkan, Thailand
  • All vaccines, medicines, and medical concerns
  • Visas and work permits, travel and fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel to and from your placement (after orientation) if you choose to go on holidays or extra weekend getaways
  • All of your own expenses during school holidays and vacation times
  • Some meals, check the pricing ta lble for specifics
  • Health insurance or travel insurance (REQUIRED)
    • We love World Nomads Travel Insurance, click here to learn why
  • *Police background check
    *You will be working with kids and we like to take every step possible to protect vulnerable populations such as children and keep them safe. The school we are connecting you to is requesting the volunteer has a background check and we fully agree with and support the school’s decision.

Full Immersion Homestay: $330   On-site Housing: $250

Who and what your fees support

Inscription fees

for students to go to school

Local volunteer assistants

who set up your placements and who help you from orientation all the way through until the end of your placement

Medical care

and supplies for people who cannot afford to pay

School supplies

such as school uniforms as well as pencils, paper, notebooks, etc for students who cannot afford to pay for their daily materials


for families who would otherwise go hungry


both for students to go to school and for persons with HIV and other serious illnesses to get to the hospital for on-going treatment

Who and what your fees DON’T support


Mundo Director's Salaries

Mundo Directors volunteer our time and pay for all of our own daily living expenses

Administrative Overhead Costs

We have a private donor who pays for all of our overhead costs including rental fees, and technology and communication fees


Advertising and Fundraising

We do not pay any outside source for advertising or fundraising of any kind