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Buengkan, Thailand

Covid Relief Care Packages

These packages are very similar to our Covid Emergency Care Packages but with a few key differences. By now there is no shortage of masks; masks and sanitizing gels have become readily available and at a reduced price than at the height of the pandemic in Thailand. At the moment rates of local transmission within Thailand are almost zero, and there hasn’t been any recorded cases in Buengkan Province. We are shifting our focus to making sure families who have been suffering from loss of income and stabilitydue to covid are able to meet the basic needs for survival and mental health.

Each package will include:
– clean water
– cooking oil
– food
Not many of the families we assist have refrigerators, but most of them can (and often do) make a cooking fire. We want to provide a mix of fresh fruit or vegetables, eggs, and enough non-perishable foods to last a month.

Each package will also include personal hygeine items such as:
– towel
– soap
– landry detergent
– shampoo
– toothbrush and toothpaste


We firmly believe in helping the most vulnerable in our communities at all times. We want to continue proving care through this time of crisis beyond the onset and peak of the pandemic within Thailand. This health crisis is by no means over and we are aware a second wave can hit at any time, but at the moment the people of Issan aren’t facing a health crisis, they are facing a deepening economic and personal financial crisis.

For most living in poverty they live in uncertainty during the best of days, and now due to covid many families are unable to meet their basic survival needs. Our goal is to help children and families stay fed, clothed, sheltered, and alive.  

A majority of the individuals and families we have been supporting throughout the years live in poverty and generally need to depend on others for survival, whether it be government or family members. It is typical of many parents to go down south where there are more jobs and send money home while the kids stay with grandma and grandpa or other family memebers. While locking down the country was a fantastic way to curb the spread of the virus, the closed borders are causing life threatening implications for many Thais who rely on the tourism sector for their livelihood. Our goal is to help families in Buengkan area that are most heavily impacted by the loss of the job market and economic downfall due to the ongoing covid situation.

Life in poverty means waking up each day with the worry of finding food to eat for you and your children. Many of those living hand to mouth daily depend on each other to survive and make it to the next day. While there is no easy solution to poverty, we want to help as many as we can be as safe as possible during this time of crisis.

We hope that by also providing hygeine products we provide ways to stay as clean and confident as possible while they navigate the job market in search of new jobs.  

 Poverty makes complete cleanliness impossible for many of the elders, families, and individuals we care about. Our hope in providing the basic hygeine supplies and products to stay clean is that when they do need to go out in search of opportunities they can carry themselves with confidence and make a good first impression.

We care deeply about the vulnerable people we have been working with for many years, and we will do everything we can to help see them through this dangerous time. Your donations are critical in our fight to keep them safe.

Keep the most vulnerable people safe during this global crisis.

Every dollar helps bring critical aid and relief to the people struggling most from the financial fallout. Give today and make life saving care packages for the families and children facing starvation.

Care Packages

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