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This temple school in a small village of Buengkan Province is a for kids in poverty to come and recieve an education. There are, on a good day, about 16 kindergarten students that attend. All of these kids come from families who cannot afford the public school fees for books, uniforms, school supplies, sometimes tuition, and transportation to and from.

No public school buses are available for students and families must pay for a van or bus pickup/drop off service. Kids attending this small school are all from the nearest village; their homes are only a short distance away.

little girl tucks her blue shirt into her shorts

The teachers at this temple school know the families of each and every student, and they are well aware of their home lives and living conditions. They care for these students and want to make sure each child is taken care of both while at school and at home.¬†One full meal a day is guaranteed when they come to school, food is scarce and isn’t always available at home. The teachers will, when needed, also take the kids back home after school if their parents or guardians are still out working or otherwise unable to come.

During our visits to the school we have brought clothing that has been graciously donated to Mundo Exchange by the Price family and our friends in Ireland. Also school supplies such as a notebook, pencil, pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, and other small but essential items. We have given the teachers toothpaste to help keep the kids’ teeth clean after lunch, and the kids get a small tube of toothpaste to bring home.

We have been told by the teachers that the students LOVED the school supplies and the bag that we gave them, and even slept with them during naptime. The parents will also be very grateful for the outfits we were able to provide last time around. In addition to necessities we also gave a small plush toy to each one of the kids. It was so much fun to watch their imaginations turn on and hear their laughter as they played together!

Mundo Exchange wants to do more for these kids and their families. We want to help provide for all families who are living in poverty! After talking with the teachers they are able to identify three or four students whose home lives are particularly rough. We want to make specialised care packages for these kids and their families. Care packages that include more clothing, food, and hygenic items such as soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, and more.

You can help these vulnerable children!

Give today to create for a child an environment that meets the basic needs for survival and allows for healthy development and growth.

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