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Elder Updates! Here are some quick upates on the elders that we have most recently visited and checked up on. 

Yaai Nong

Yaai Nong is still together with Yai Charlie’s daughter and family.
While sh still struggles to find the food she neeeds sometimes, she is happy and has made her garden into a place where she can get some of her food. Help from volunteers and donors makes it possible to
provide her this past visit with 30 eggs, a sack of rice, an inhaler, and breakfast cereal. She thanks all, past and present, for your help.

Yaai Mun

Yaai Mun is still living with her daughter who continues to work in rice and rubber farms. Her young grandson is also still living with Mun and his mum. Unlike some village children he continues in a nearby local elementary school. Mun’s health has improved 

She is so thankful for those who help to support her with food and caring. She also sends a big Thank you to Rachel for the earrings!

Yaai Sompan

Yaai Sompan continues to work in her garden which provides her with nutritious vegetables. She is also able to sell some of her veggies to make much needed money for medicines and needed supplies. She has made friends with others in the village and seems to have a better support group.

She thanks all for assistance and knowing that you care. 

Yaai Thun

Yaai Thun we last met with a smile on her face. She looked good and for the first time in years can see a bit. She was excited to see colors. Her smile was wonderful and her physical and emotional strength has improved.

She thanked all givers for their caring and giving.