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Chajul, Guatemala

Build a Center, Build a Future

educational Center student young girl
educational Center CEMIK student

Mundo Exchange has been given amazing opportunities for partnering with dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation on our 3 part project in Chajul, Guatemala. Together we have raised funds to help the women of local Guatemalan group ACEFOMI purchase land and later build a greenhouse on that land. Now we want to finish with helping fund building an educational Center. We need your help in order to be successful!

This Center will serve as a permanent place for abut 60 students from low income families to come and learn. Furthermore, the women of ACEFOMI  will use this Center as a place for Maya Ixil children and adults can learn to read and write in Ixil and Spanish, attain vocational skills and learn about their heritage, culture and indigenous Maya rights.

In addition to lessons being held at the educational Center, the women of ACEFOMI use their newly created demonstration garden to focus on growing organic, nutritional, and medicinal crops and seed-sharing. The harvest from this greenhouse will help ensure that they kids of CEMIK get a complete and nutritious lunch at school, possibly the only full meal they get daily.

This fundraiser had a deadline! Please donate before APRIL 6TH

If you want to explore the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation page a little bit to understand their mission and how it aligns with ours, check them out here.

This is our third fundraiser with dōTERRA. Our first collaboration was to raise funds to purchase property that ACEFOMI would use to build a greenhouse and a permanent learning Center.

That fundraiser was successful, and once they were ready to build a greenhouse on that property we once again joined with dōTERRA for a donation matching fundraiser. Together we were able to raise the funds, and as of last year the greenhouse is another successful project! They have already harvested tomatoes and are learning and growing more produce.

For the third time we have partnered with dōTERRA, this time to finally collect enough funds to build a Center that will act as a permanent school for the kids of CEMIK. 


We value our relationship with the dōTERRA Healing Hands team, and we are so grateful for this company and their philanthropic values! Their donation matching program has helped make so many things possible for our partners in Guatemala! 

With the help of many of you, Mundo Exchange has been collaborating with and supporting a dynamic Maya women’s cooperative in Chajul, Guatemala, ACEFOMI  since the early 1990’s.  The women of ACEFOMI support adult and children’s education, nutrition, organic farming, mental health and indigenous rights. Chajul is one of the Mayan villages most devastated by Guatemala’s 36+ years of Civil War – a war that targeted the poor and especially Maya population.  Those who survived witnessed massacres of their family and community members, spent years fleeing from the army, and many experienced extreme sexual and physical assault, as well as years of starvation.

Mundo Exchange has worked with ACEFOMI on projects that promote education, self sufficiency, mental health, nutrition, indigenous children and women’s rights, child and adult literacy, and economic stability.

We did it!

We are able to help ACEFOMI  build this educational Center! You’ve donated, doTERRA is matching, and we’re sending $20,000 to Chajul so the women of ACEFOMI can bring hope to their community and further the development of the greenhouse.

-Mundo Exchange-