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Issan, Thailand

Keep Nuan and Her Family Dry

As per expected, Nuan and get family got the frame for the new home and roof build just in time! The rains were late enough this year that, despite a late start, we were blessed with sunny skies. 

As for the unexpected…the main frame ended up being slightly taller than anticipated and we do not have enough materials for the walls. Unfortunately for both ourselves and this family we are now full swing into rainy season and construction has to be put on hold until the ground dries up a little bit. For the next couple of months we will return to the drawing board for more planning and funding.

We are collaborating with local builders on the best design for a home in flood prone and muddy areas such as where they live, and we are working on obtaining an estimate for phase two of the house. As a temporary repair we have provided the family with tarps to put over their roof now to prevent water leaking in. This is problem that is especially bad during this time.

Thank you everyone who has donated so far! We will continue to fundraise through monsoon season so we are ready to go as soon as the skies clear once again.

Even though Nuan works full time and makes more than minimum wage, the steady income they get is not enough to fully support the family. Nuan and Jong live day to day, focusing on how to keep their boys fed, clothed, and educated. They hardly have enough money to survive, much less keep up with home renovations.

The home leaks inside anytime it rains, water dropping dangerously close to electical wiring, on the clothing of the family that is hanging to dry, and on family members as they sleep. During monsoon season they do not have a place to feel dry, comfortable, and safe from the elements.

Mundo Exchange and our partners Laekplian Lokgatat are teaming up with village leaders, neighbors, and the community to install a new roof for Nuan and her family.

After speaking with builders and other skilled members of the community, we have a cost estimate of about 64,000 baht for labor and materials.

We plan to:
– change the posts from wood, which is now weak after being eaten by termites, to most likey steel or some other metal. 

– install medium grade metal sheets on the roof to replace the old and disintegrated tin she has now.

– possibly change the design of the roof to be more cost effective as well as safer and better at redirecting the rain.

Nuan and her husband, Jong, have been raising their young son and two nephews in a small village outside of Buengkan city. They survive on the income of Nuan’s full time job and Jong’s part time work, as well as the occasional funds being sent in by the nephews’ parents. 

Nuan is the eldest of three sisters, and in the past they had no financial troubles. One sisters owns a rubber farm and the other lived and worked together with Nuan running a small shop selling food and other goods. Her sisters husband had an affair with a woman from Laos and ran across the border, taking everything. The once profitable rubber industry plummeted, leaving many in trouble with massive debts. 

Because Nuan and Jong had the most stable income, and because they have been with these boys since birth, they agreed to take their nephews in and care for them as their own while the sisters went out to find work. 

Together they live in this haphazardly put together home, struggling daily to make ends meet despite earning more than minimum wage at her full time job. Nuan worries often about how they will be able to save enough to put food on the table for these three growing boys as well as keep them in school. Everything her and Jong do, they do for these kids. She is hard working, dedicated, and one of the most caring people we have met. 


Thank you donors!

Together we have built a new house for Nuan, Jong, and their three boys; a safe house elevated above the ground to prevent flooding, a locking door to prevent intruders, and a roof to prevent leaks when it rains. This project is a success due to the collaboration of Mundo Exchange, Laekplian Lokgatat, assistance from local friends and neighbors, all builders and construction workers and, of course, or international donors.


-Mundo Exchange-