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Chajul, Guatemala

Let’s Finish CEMIK School!

Guatemalan women stand in a construction site with wooden beams up for support
a man works on adding bricks to the foundation of a building, construction just starting
construction site for new school being build, foundation started and tools lying around

This has been a long process, and we are grateful for you to be with us through it all. We are almost finished with the CEMIK school and community Center! We have been partnering with local groups in Chajul and helping to fund the construction of Center for women empowerment and equal opportunities for education. CEMIK school is a free school for underprivileged kids who come from families who cannot afford the basic inscription fees for public school. For many of these kids education is a gift, and not something they take for granted. Education is a way out of poverty, a way to give back to the community, and a way to better themselves and their families. In the situation their families are in now, sometimes the only full meal these kids receive is the school lunch.

Our goal is to help the community of Chajul finish this school as soon as possible by raising the funds for the remainder of the interior infrastructure and furnishings. We have nearly finished the exterior and have recently begun to lay down the floor of the interior. We are almost there! The building will consist of two classrooms, a large space for the women of ACEFOMI to gather and hold community workshops, and a small apartment area for volunteers. 

WE HAVE RAISED ENOUGH FUNDS TO FINISH CONSTRUCTING THE SCHOOL! But we will still need help with furnishing the interior with desks, chalkboards, etc.

Due to economic surprises, environmental delays, local emergencies, and some other typical developing world country setbacks, this project has taken longer than we anticipated. But we are working hard with the community of Chajul to get this done!

With the funds that have been raised in past campaigns and collaborations land has been purchased, a thriving greenhouse built, the foundation for a CEMIK school set, and the walls and interior innfrustructure have begin to form.

We had a slight delay with covid and a change of needs in the community (emergency care packages for the kids and their families when food was scarce during lockdowns), but things have been back on track this last ear and a half. In an area with high trauma rates and violence against women, it is crucial that women have a safe space to meet, and that these vulnerable children have a permanent place where they can feel safe and comfortable, especially after these years of turmoil and instability.

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn.

We have successfully raised the finds to finish  the bulk of the construction of a permanent school that provides children from impoverished families a safe and stable place to learn. Please donate today and help us finish furnishing and perfecting the interior.

-Mundo Exchange-