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Education should be accessible to all people regarless of their socio-econimic class or age.

Thats why we have been supporting CEMIK, a school created for kids coming from families who are too poor to afford public school inscription fees. We have also been supporting adult literacy programs and education for all ages on Maya Ixil language and heritage. ACEFOMI has been the ambitious and inspiring fdriving force behind many of these initiatives. 

And we have exciting news! We are running a fundraiser for the women of ACEFOMI in Guatemala and when you donate before April 6th, doTERRA will match your donation!

Mundo Exchange has been given amazing opportunities for partnering with dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation on our 3 part project in Chajul, Guatemala. Together we have raised funds to help ACEFOMI purchase land and later build a greenhouse on that land. Now we want to finish the project by helping fund the building of a permanent Center for educaiton of all ages. We need your help in order to be successful!

educational Center for Ixil kids

This Center will serve as a permanent place for abut 60 CEMIK students, all children from low income families, to come and learn. Furthermore, the women of ACEFOMI  will use this Center as a place for Maya Ixil children and adults tp come and learn to read and write in Ixil and Spanish, attain vocational skills and learn about their heritage, culture and indigenous Maya rights.

In addition to lessons being held at the educational Center, the women of ACEFOMI use their newly created demonstration garden to focus on growing organic, nutritional, and medicinal crops and seed-sharing. The harvest from this greenhouse will help ensure that they kids of CEMIK get a complete and nutritious lunch at school, possibly the only full meal they get daily.

CEMIK lunch educational center

This fundraiser had a deadline! Please donate before APRIL 6TH