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Isan, Thailand

Adopt an Elder

Elders in Thailand receive a monthly government stipend of around $25 USD (age dependent) to pay for accomodation, food, bills, transportation to and from hospitals, and medicine. Too many elders rely on this stipend as their sole income and it is not even close to enough money to cover their needs, much less the needs of the grandchildren many of them are helping raise. As a result there are elders not receiving necessary care, attention, assistance and treatment or medication.

For example, some elders have access to vital medication only once a month instead of weekly as prescribed by a doctor because they cannot afford the transportation costs in and out of their village to the nearest pharmacy. So many elders suffer from osteoporosis and diabetes but are denied access to treatment and medicine because they lack the means of getting to a clinic or hospital to receive a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. There is a 30 baht healthcare scheme in place to provide affordable medical access to the poor, but a Thai national ID is required to access it. It is surprisingly common for Thais in poverty to lack this proof of citizenship, especially among the homeless and rural elder populations.

International donors have been helping Mundo Exchange provide for these senior members. Everyone deserves the right to healthy aging, and in the end of life have a right to be treated with dignity and receive compassionate care.  You can join us in making an immediate difference in someone’s life!

By signing up for monthly donation of as little as $5, you are joining a team that makes sure elders receive care packages and get checked in on each month. Part of our adopt an elder program is ensuring elders have their physical needs met (such as the care packages) but also their mental and emotional needs met. So many elders feel lonely, depressed, and forgotten. By connecting with local volunteers we are not only checking in on these elders but also connecting them with someone nearby in the community who can continue to monitor them and visit.

nong adopt an elder


Nong, born and raised in Thailand, does not have a national ID card. Without it she is not eligible for government assistance such as medical insurance and old age stipend despite living in poverty. She is neighbors with Yaai and a recently “adopted” elder in our program.



Pa Ruay

Ruay lives alone most of the time, although sometimes her son comes back home when his alcoholism leaves him unable to care for himself. Her husband died about 20 years ago and now, at 90 years old, she often feels lonely and depressed. Often unable to afford food, she has to beg village neighbors for enough to get by. 

Yaai "Charlie"

We have been working with yaai “Charlie” for around 10 years now! She is 109 years old ( and she actually has ID to prove it!) and sharp as a tack. She lives with her son, who struggles with alcohol addiction. We often check in on both yaai and her neighbor, “Nong”, who is in her 80s.


Dam close up


Dam is a 70 year old grandma singlehandedly raising her 3 grandchildren. She gets government assistance of 600 baht a month (about $20), and that money has to cover the cost of food for herself and three growing kids, as well as school fees, transportation, clothing, and any other costs that may arise.


Want your donation to go to whichever elder is most in need monthly? We can help you! 

Thank you!

Once you commit to our elder care team, we will send you a picture and short bio of an elder you have “adopted” as a reminder of your gracious heart to help improve the lives of elders in poverty.


-Mundo Exchange-