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Buengkan, Thailand

Covid-19 Emergency Care Packages

We want to make sure our care packages have the essentials necessary for survival as well as for staying safe.

Each package will include:
– clean water
– cooking oil
– food
Not many families have refrigerators, but most of them can (and often do) make a cooking fire. We want to provide a mix of fresh fruit or vegetables, eggs, and enough non-perishable foods to last a month.

Each package will also include:
– hand sanitizer
– soap
– masks
– gloves

We will practice social distancing while distributing these kits and, with a translator, explain why we are keeping a distance and how to best protect yourself during this time. We will leave them with easy to understand print outs and infographics on the importance of social distancing and staying at home, as well as instructions on how to sanitize correctly.

We firmly believe in helping the most vulnerable in our communities at all times, and we want to continue proving care through this time of crisis.

We hope that in meeting their basic survival needs at home, we limit their need to go out to high traffic areas such as the local marketplaces.

A majority of the individuals and families we have been supporting throughout the years live in poverty with weakened immune systems. They generally depend on others for survival, whether it be government or family members. These people are the most susceptible to infection and least likely to get the proper care necessary for survival and recovery. Our goal is to minimise their contact with others while keeping them healthy and cared for.

When you live in poverty you can’t always afford to practice social distancing and self isolation. Many of those living hand to mouth daily depend on each other to survive and make it to the next day. While there is no easy solution to poverty, we want to help everyone be as safe as possible during this time of crisis. 

We hope that by providing sanitation materials and education we can keep them as safe as possible during their unavoidable contact with others.  

 Poverty makes complete isolation impossible for many of the elders, families, and individuals we care about. Our hope in providing sanitation materals is that when they do need to go out, or have anyone come to the home, they will have the means to protect themselves and practice sanitation. Many of those we care for lack the critical information needed about how to be safe during a pandemic and unable to get ongoing updates and details about the virus and how it is affecting Thailand and even their own province. Our packages include instructions on how to properly use masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer as well as information on the importance of social distancing and using the materials we’ve provided. 

We care deeply about the vulnerable people we have been working with for many years, and we will do everything we can to help see them through this dangerous time. Your donations are critical in our fight together to keep them safe. 

Thank you donors!

With your help we made care packages for the elderly, families, and individuals with compromised immune systems and who were at the highest risk from Covid. Thank you for bringing critical aid and relief to the people most susceptible to this virus. 

– Mundo Exchage –