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Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 and how rapidly it has been spreading, we at Mundo Exchange are issuing a travel advisory against all unnecessary travel to Thailand at this time.

We receive various degrees of information from many sources both local and international, public and private, and we believe there are more cases of the virus than officially confirmed. We regretfully will not be accepting any volunteers for the time being. Mundo team and local partners will be keeping a careful eye on the virus. We err on the side of caution both for our international community and local, especially since many of our volunteers end up in schools. Continuous monitoring of the situation will allow us to alert our potential and future volunteers of what is happening here and how to proceed.  

This travel advisory does NOT mean that future placements already secured are cancelled. We have been in touch with future volunteers and will continue to be in communication in the following months.

We will continue with our community outreach programs on the ground here in Buengkan. Many families have been rocked by this already. Donations are needed now more than ever!

At the end of the day, while we post updates when we can, we are not an authority on this virus or outbreak and we urge you to continuously check in WHO, CDC, and your government for official travel advisories to Thailand and elsewhere. 

Lots of love from us to you, stay safe!

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