Thailand Volunteer Application Form

To learn more or apply to volunteer or intern with Mundo Exchange just fill in this initial application form. Let us know how you would like to help. We will then contact you and send you additional information and our Second Application.

How to Apply to Volunteer with Mundo Exchange


The volunteer application process with Mundo Exchange is simple but requires work on both the volunteers and your local hosts side to make your cross cultural exchange and experience in Thailand highly rewarding and meaningful to you and those you come to serve.

1. PREPARE by reading our volunteer and intern field reports and stories, view their volunteer photos, and read more about our partner’s and Mundo Exchange’s global community development work and vision at website. Write to former volunteers that have teamed with us.

2. APPLY to learn or commit to helping children, community aide projects and adults in Thailand and Guatemala. Fill out the application form as thoroughly as possible letting us know when you plan to come, what you would like to do and give us information that will lead to an ideal cultural exchange for you and for those you come to serve.

2. APPLICATION REVIEW takes place by local country team who review your application and then contact you with information about volunteer projects that they feel are important and that also match your volunteering needs, experiences and wants.

3. CONFIRM Confirm through phone and email – you let us know when you plan to come and we will tell you more about your projects. Just let us know when we can call you to discuss your volunteer experience in Thailand.

4. We will then send you an INVOICE asking you to pay 100 Euro set up fee for your placement, cross cultural orientation and training, Thai language and cooking lessons, two days of cultural outings to sites and to visit Thai families and friends, a bicycle and a way to get to your placements, welcome meals, cross cultural ceremonies, a place to stay, kitchen use, internet access, sponsorship with the Thai government obtaining needed paperwork and verification with schools, immigration and such for you to volunteer in Thailand.

If you would like to come to stop by and visit or help in our volunteer centre for 10 days to a month teaching English 4 to 7 hours per day you pay for your own expenses and there is no 100 Euro payment. You arrange for your accommodation, cultural outings and Thai language classes with guidance from us or decide to stay at our volunteer centre for a minimal fee.

For those wanting a cultural submersion a total of 300 Euro for a month and 100 Euro for additional months compensates your Thai team hosts for their time away from work and expertise. They will arrange your selected projects and/or home stays and let the local project hosts, children and adults know when you are coming. They will also prepare your sponsorship to help in Thailand with government officials, your accommodation, your orientation, and your cultural outings to see Thai sites and meet family and friends. (If for any reason you can not come on your selected date, you can change the date or send a friend or family member in your place. Please let us know of any changes at your earliest convenience for those you come to help will begin planning for your arrival.) What is not included is food and personal expenses.

5. We will send you all PRE-DEPARTURE INFORMATION For those selecting the cultural submersion we will send you contact information of former volunteers who have helped on various Thai projects, photos, team teaching information for those volunteers working with Thai teachers in English, Sports, or Computer classes, travel ideas, language lessons and more on your placement, orientation and cross-cultural outings.

All volunteers who complete their pre-arranged volunteer work will receive a certificate of completion. Your local association hosts from Global / World Exchange (Laekplian Lokgatat) and Mundo write reference letters for volunteers helping with our projects for one month or more. The letters have helped volunteers and interns get rewarding jobs and acceptance into prestigious universities.

Since Lokgatat is a Thai registered ngo charity and Mundo Exchange is a registered 501 c3 international cultural exchange NGO #87-0781320 your financial assistance, transportation and all other costs you spend coming and going may be tax deductible. Ask your financial advisor about this possibility.

We thank you for your interest in helping by volunteering and interning with our community empowerment projects! We look forward to working together with you in Thailand.

Whether you volunteer with us or not, we welcome you to stop by, visit and meet our Thai team and local hosts. Just use our Contact Form or call us in Thailand at +660899658762.

Guatemala Projects usually happen twice a year and speaking Spanish at a above average level is required. We go with small family, school or team groups up into the mountains to help with community development projects with our Mayan friends. Joan Williams has been working with these people for years, starting when she helped to recover bodies from mass graves. Although the war is over the poverty and need for assistance is great. Please contact us if this volunteer project is of interest to you.