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Program Fees

Payment for the first two weeks must be made when you make the commitment to volunteer with Mundo Exchange. Payment for additional weeks must me made two weeks before you start to volunteer. If you decide to stay longer (and we hope you will!) payment should be made two weeks prior to you extension. 

First two weeks: $700

Additional  $150/week

What the fee covers

  • pre arrival support and materials

  • orientation materials and classes

  • help with reservations in-country

  • pre departure cultural, language, and volunteer placement materials

  • 24/7 evacuation plan and support for emergencies

  • translation and assistance for medical care

  • initial transportation to your project site and back to volunteer house upon completion of your project

  • thai cooking class

  • assistance with going to the medical clinic/doctor/dentist if ill or in need to dental care

  • assistance with immigration including any issues with work permit and Non Immigrant O Single Entry Visa

  • a skilled Thai facilitator to help with cultural and linguistic support at your volunteer site

  • homestay that includes your room, enjoyment of the family home, and meals

  • full use of the Mundo Exchange volunteer house when you are not at your homestay (includes basic sleeping accomodation, full Thai/Western kitchen, garden, etc. Meals are not inclulded when here)

what your homestay includes

  • basic accommodation

  • three Thai meals – lunch being at your placement

  • initial transport to your homestay site

  • cultural and linguistic support

  • support at your volunteer site

  • 24/7 support for emergency needs

  • a first hand experience of living like a local

Your fees also include, if you so wish…

  • An introduction to Buddhist philosophy and Issan Buddhist life
  • Certificate of Completion for those successfully completing their orientation and project(s)
  • Reference letter for those staying one month or more and have successfully completed their project(s)
  • A place to leave your items for those planning to volunteer as part of or after travel
  • Ongoing communication about your placements after you leave

costs you are responsible for

  • Traveler’s health insurance (REQUIRED)
    • We love World Nomads Travel Insurance, click here to learn why
  • Airfares and transportation to your orientation city
  • all vaccines, medicines, and medical concerns
  • Visas and work permits, travel and fees
  • Personal expenses
  • All meals and transportation when you are not a homestay.
    • The Mundo Exchange volunteer house has a full kitchen at your disposal with a market just two minutes walk away. There are numerous restaurants within walking distance as well and a typical meal will cost between $1-3. Drinks are separate
  • Transportation costs to and from homestay other than initial transport

*During weekends there may be opportunities for camping and visiting important cultural sites. Sleeping bags and tents are available at a very low fee or they can be purchased very inexpensively. You will need your own backpack to carry your things and transportation expenses are shared.*

Who and what your fees support

Inscription fees

for students to go to school

Local volunteer assistants

who set up your placements and who help you from orientation all the way through until the end of your placement

Medical care

and supplies for people who cannot afford to pay

School supplies

such as school uniforms as well as pencils, paper, notebooks, etc for students who cannot afford to pay for their daily materials


for families who would otherwise go hungry


both for students to go to school and for persons with HIV and other serious illnesses to get to the hospital for on-going treatment

Who and what your fees DON’T support


Mundo Director's Salaries

Mundo Directors volunteer our time and pay for all of our own daily living expenses

Administrative Overhead Costs

We have a private donor who pays for all of our overhead costs including rental fees, and technology and communication fees


Advertising and Fundraising

We do not pay any outside source for advertising or fundraising of any kind