Be Part of a Team Dedicated to Improving Lives

When you join Mundo Exchange, you become a member of a small team of international volunteers and a larger team of local Thai volunteers, all dedicated to bettering the lives of struggling individuals and families, many of whom live in severely impoverished conditions.  You will work with our team in rural schools, hospitals and community centers.

Share Your English Language Skills

Many Mundo volunteers find they can make a big difference when helping Thai educators teach English language skills in rural schools.  North Eastern Thailand has historically offered inferior educational services.  Especially the lack of competent English language skills leaves NE Thais at a huge disadvantage when attempting to pass university entrance exams or be hired for better-paid jobs that require interaction with international guests and businesses.  As a volunteer, sharing your English language skills with youth and adults directly improves their ability to competitively gain access to higher education and better career opportunities.

Experience North Eastern Thailand Culture

Known as Isaan, NE Thailand offers you a rich cultural experience.  Life in Isaan today is much like it was 50 years ago in the more visited areas of Thailand.  People here are known for their welcoming smiles, their love for life and the delicious food they so generously share with visitors. There is a saying in Isaan, that for the first five minutes you are the treasured guest, but after five minutes you are part of the family!  Isaan culture is a blend of Thai, Laos, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Chinese worldviews, languages and historical perspectives.  Daily life is guided by Buddhist and animistic beliefs and practices. During your stay you will likely help celebrate one of many Buddhist religious holidays.  Your Thai hosts are happy to share the ceremonies, teach you about Buddhist ways and talk about the robust spirit world that oversees ones’ moral activities here.  There are several important Buddhist temples in the area, including Phu Tock, which winds up a seven tiered boardwalk, each tier with beautiful Buddhist temples and statures giving tribute to the Buddha.

Enjoy Living with Local Hosts in a Homestay

Mundo, with its Thai partner, Lokgatat, thoroughly investigates all volunteer sites to ensure that you will have a quality experience. We strongly recommend a homestay placement so that you can immerse yourself in to the Thai culture and language. This most likely will mean that you will be in a small village that has no other foreign visitor. While challenging to be the only non-Thai in a village, you will find yourself surrounded by friendly, welcoming and curious people who will be so honored that you chose to live and share with them. They will bend over backwards to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Many of our volunteers have maintained longterm relationships with their homestay families and friends years after they were here.

Visit and Protect Local Wildlife Preserves

NE Thailand has several wildlife preserves, home to a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish living in verdant jungle, savannah forests and the Mekong River area. Mountains rise out of an otherwise flat landscapes.  During the rainy season, massive waterfalls dominate the hillsides, providing refreshing dipping opportunities. Mundo volunteers are active advocates of keeping these areas clean and safe for the wildlife and other visitors.  we are regular visitors to these areas, enjoying day hikes, camping, and joining forest monks in their meditative practices.  Sunrise, sunset and start gazing is amazing!  We can provide basic camping supplies for these excursions.

Start Volunteering In Thailand

We have several current placements available for volunteers. However, should you have unique skills or a burning desire to try something different, let us know and we will see if we can arrange it!

Teach English

Teach English in local schools and at our Learning Center.  No teaching experience necessary!  You will team with other volunteers and local teachers, helping youth and adults learn to speak English.  North Eastern Thailand’s educational system has the reputation of offering the poorest education to children in the country. While English is a required subject for all children, many of the English teachers are so poorly equipped to teach English, that English Language Learning is minimal.  Grammar is rarely taught and the words students learn are often unintelligible to the English speaker.  You will help change this grim statistic by teaming with English teachers to help their students learn English that in intelligible to English speakers.  Many rural and village children and teachers have never worked with international volunteers.  This is an opportunity for them to learn about their global neighbors and exchange their culture and language with you.

You will also have the opportunity to teach English to health providers, lawyers, Buddhist monks, teachers, university students, dentists, and business people.

Live and Learn about Buddhism at the Local Temple while Teaching English

Learn about Buddhist daily life and rituals while helping Thai monks, nuns and novices increase their English language skills.  This is a rare opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Buddhist life. Rising with the pre-dawn, you will chant morning prayers, share a vegetarian meal of fresh local foods, join the nuns and monks in their daily chores, learn about Buddhism, teach English to and learn Thai from the monks, nuns and novices, watch the sun set over the Mekong River and participate in the evening walking meditation.

Virtual Volunteering – Online Volunteers

Be a virtual pen pal a Thai partner who wants to improve her/his English or exchange teaching ideas. All you would need is an Internet connection, a good sense of humor, and a lot of patience.

Help Stop Tooth Decay in Youth and Improve Life-long Health

Be a dental hygiene tooth fairy and help Thai youth combat tooth decay! Poor or non-existent dental care is one of the leading causes of illness in the Isaan population. A combination of diet and lack of access to dental care, education and supplies leads to toothless mouths for many youth by the time they reach their early 20’s. You can help change that statistic by teaching a fun-packed, user-friendly dental hygiene curriculum to students, teachers and parents and giving the youth their personal toothbrushes and paste. (Mundo Exchange is thankful for the abundant supply of donated toothbrushes and paste and a great curriculum thanks to international families and dentists!)


Work with Youth with Developmental Challenges

Thailand is just recognizing the importance of including youth with developmental challenges into the fabric of daily life.  If you have professional expertise in the areas of evaluation and direct services in the areas of development, communication, behavior, mobility, vocational development and recreation, we can put your skills to work.  The Thai government has just built a brand new, state-of-the-art developmental center that provides services for all youth in the Bueng Khan Province who need individualized support.  The director welcomes any help that will enhance the lives of these individuals and their families.

Develop English Language Curriculum

If you are an educator, come exchange professional ideas, develop curriculum and train Thai educators in schools and universities. Volunteers knowledgeable and interested in exchanging information about educational assessment, lesson preparation and project-based education are also deeply valued.

Provide Computer and Information Technology Assistance

If you have expertise in technology you can help educators, businesses, and our Learning Centers with technology learning.  You work will make a difference in enhancing learning and employment opportunities for youth and adults in NE Thailand. Help building and maintaining computers and internet programming will also be highly valued.

If you are familiar with Word Press, you can train Thai community service providers and our local NGO partners to use for the development of websites for education and volunteering opportunities.

Put your Environmental Science Knowledge to Work

If you have a background in Environmental Science we invite you to put those important skills to work.  Collaborate with Thai farmers and environmentalists to build an ecological outdoor learning center where community members can learn how to care for their environment. Set up outdoor learning stations, build structures, compost bins, water conservation systems and alternative energy models.  Plant seedlings and small plants that will provide good nutrition to the soil and people. Create environmental curriculum materials for local schools.  Teach local youth about how to keep their environment healthy and happy.

Become an Intern and Learn the In’s and Out’s of Running an NGO

If you are planning to stay for three months or more and have had at least one month of successful volunteering with Mundo, we offer an unpaid internship opportunity.  You will team with our local Thai association and have the opportunity to work on project development and evaluation, identification of new project sites and home stays, computer technology and website management, curriculum development, and grant writing.  Applicants should send to an email with their resume or Vita, letters of recommendation and a detailed internship proposal.

Our goal is to engage in community development that improve the lives of ALL citizens and that is locally sustainable.