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We are offering a long term volunteer opportunity in a primary school to the right volunteer!


  • This opportunity is a minimum of 4 months, or one full school term at a primary school.
  • Location: a rural village in Nong Khai Province, Thailand
  • Position open 
  • Cost: $800USD

This placement with a primary school is almost entirely independent of Mundo Exchange and our local partners Laekplian Lokgatat.  Upon arrival into Nong Khai, representatives of Mundo Exchange will pick you up and bring you to the school for orientation.

Unlike most of our placements, after orientation you will no longer be under the care or responsibility of Mundo Exchange or Laekplian Lokgatat. While we facilitate pick up, homestay set up, orientation, and payments for visas, once orientation is over it is the responsibility of the school to help you obtain your work permit and visa extensions. In this particular case, we have been asked to assist the school in finding a volunteer. We have worked with the director in the past and have personally gone to discuss with director and teachers the expectations and believe it will be an excellent placement!


Who would be the ideal applicant for this position?

Village life in rural Thailand tends tends to be slow and quiet. When the sun goes down a lot of the shops close up and families spend time together at home. If you are someone who thrives on activities, clubs, sports, and nightlife – this might not be the right position for you! We are looking for someone who: *Has had previous experience teaching *Feels comfortable navitaging your way through language barriers. Teachers at the school and some community members can speak  basic English, but it will be a learning curve for both you and Thais as you learn to communicate with each other! *Shows enthusiam (the students love to sing and play games!) *Has a good sense of humor and is flexible *Can work both independently and in a group, and is self motivated
What your fee covers:
  • Travel from Nong Khai to placement
  • Orientation
  • Homestay and placement set up
  • 3 meals a day during the school week (lunch at school) and regular weekends
  • Visa extension
  • Work permit
Costs you are responsible for:
  • Travel from your home country to Nong Khai, Thailand
  • Travel to and from your placement (after orientation) if you choose to go on holidays or weekend getaways.
  • All of your own expenses during school holidays and vacation times.
  • Initial 3 month visa (obtained in your home country before arrival into Thailand)
  • Any vaccines or medications you will need for travel
  • Health insurance (travel insurance is acceptable!)
  • *Police background check
*You will be working with kids and while not a part of Mundo programs, we do connect you to the school and we would like to take all steps possible to protect vulnerable populations such as children and keep them safe. 

This position is open for applications.

Once we receive your application and review it, we will then ask you to send us your resume, 2 letters of recommendation, a cover photo, and a police background check.

Only after receiving and clearing these forms will you be approved for the final round of consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you!  

Apply Now! (applying does not guarantee placement)
Long Term Volunteering
I am aware that this is not a regular Mundo Exchange Volunteer Placement and once arriving at the school and finishing orientation, the school is solely responsible for me. *
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