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Every day spent in the classroom was a joy, but I especially loved being able to bring my guitar and teach the kids a short song. I know my own comfort level was broadened and these experiences were the kind I hoped to have while planning my trip but couldn’t...

Caelan Murray

Having spent so much time as a volunteer in Isan I’ve really come to love it quite a lot, not only is it beautiful but the people are very extraordinary.


I’m happy I did it and proud of being a part of Mundo Exchange!

Amy Fry

I can’t recommend volunteering with Mundo enough! It has been life changing for me. I have learned so much about the world, Thailand, it’s people and it’s culture. I have gained a second family.


When I volunteered in Thailand I was able to experience the wonderful life with my home stay family.

Lauren Faryna

I had taken a risk by flying to a province my Thai friends had barely heard of, and putting my trust in an organization I had only emailed. Mundo Exchange turned out to be more than I could have hoped. They were a constant source of tangible and emotional...

Ron Trunket

Be prepared to have one of the most rewarding life experiences ever. The students and the greater community made me feel incredibly comfortable and welcomed: I felt a part of their family from day one. Mundo Exchange was incredible from start to finish.