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Volunteer Testimonials

See what our past volunteers have had to say about their time with Mundo Exchange and our partners.

In a Volunteer’s Words: Caelan Murray

Homestay: Having spent so much time as a volunteer in Isan I've really come to love it quite a lot, not only is it beautiful but the people are very extraordinary. I feel that more than even in other parts of Thailand, and we've heard other travelers say this too, the...

In a Volunteer’s Words: Valerie

This moment is the best memory I will keep from Thailand; being in touch with the farmers and discussing both of our worlds and world views is something I will never forget.  My stay as a volunteer and intern with Mundo Exchange was a once in a lifetime experience. 

Parent Testimony

From Fran Snell, parent of volunteer Cody: Cody and Carolyn could not say enough good things about what Mundo Exchange is doing. I think of all the adventures that they had your resonated with me the most. Thank you for all you are doing for our world!!!

In a Volunteer’s Words: Candace

Everyday spent in the classroom was a joy, but I especially loved being able to bring my guitar and teach the kids a short song. I know my own comfort level was broadened and I left the school with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much.  I surely wasn't 100%...

In a Volunteer’s Words: Annie

When I volunteered in Thailand I was able to experience the wonderful life with my home stay family. Every day I would wake up and get ready for school, and the mother of the house would say, "Good morning!" - one of the few English phrases she learned during my stay....