Bunloed’s Homestay

Bunloed’s Homestay

When you come to volunteer with us here in Buengkan Province you will most likely end up at a homestay. If you are an outdoorsy nature lover, you just might find yourself lucky enough to be placed at Bunloed’s Homestay in Kham Pia! Bunloed and Angelina’s is a haven...

Thank You Guatemala Volunteers!

Even though our Guatemala program is primarily sponsorship based, the volunteers we have had in the past have left a lasting impact on the people they helped and friends they made. Change is possible through volunteers like you, so THANK YOU for all you do!

Thank you Thailand Volunteers!

We would like to take a moment to thank all all of you kind, caring, big hearted volunteers for sacrificing your time and energy in helping those in need. We could not have the positive impact that we do without you!! So THANK YOU! 🙂