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Mundo has been helping supporting an adult literacy program in Guatemala for years, and we are glad to be supporting such great initiatives alongside other groups such as St Leos Congregation in Oakland, CA. I have shared this letter that Mundo Director Joan sent to St. Leo’s on behalf of ASEPA, the adult literacy program in Guatemala…

Dear St. Leo Congregation:

In a letter to me (Joan Williams) the ASEPA team wanted to convey their gratitude to St. Leo:

Querida Juanita:

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to support the work of the adult literacy program. This stage of human history is difficult and it is very comforting to feel the support of Sto. Leo. For our part, we do our job in the best possible way, adapting to people’s needs and government regulations, guided by common sense and by love for the most disadvantaged people. Currently the groups are attended in person for two hours a week, supplemented with telephone calls to listen to academic doubts, feelings, regrets, joys, etc.

Home visits are gradually started to learn about our students’ situation and encourage them not to abandon their literacy and primary education process. Despite their precarious economic situation, they are fighting and we are advancing little by little. 

Dear Juanita, you who have visited the groups, know that these people deserve the accompaniment, they need to feel that they are worthy and that they believe in their abilities to know their rights, dream of a better life and understand that in that dream, learning to read and write is a basic tool.

 Thank you very much to you, Sister Evie and Sto. Leo. Please convey our thanks to everyone.

Sr. Marlene, Isabel and Romeo (co-founders of ASEPA Adult Literacy Program)

Thank you from Mundo Exchange as well!!!  The team has been fighting for over 25 years to help adults gain their basic rights to literacy.  Their work has changed the lives of so many!

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