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Electricity is something many take for granted, and I’m willing to guess most of us have never really gone without it. Until fairly recently the people of Pal would tell you a different story.  

Today the village of Pal is home to about 100 familes. During the Civil War in Guatemala it was one of the Comminities of Persons in Resistence. They spent nearly 20 years in hiding and fearing for their lives as government forces swept the countryside trying to eradicate the Maya Ixiles of the area.  Co-founder and co-director of Mundo Exchange Joan Williams was invited by ICM Sister Evie Zazquez  to visit with and meet the peple of Pal in 1995, around the time the Peace Accords were being signed. Electricity was still not available to the people of Pal. 

Dr. Joan described her trip and the following impact:

When I first met the people of Pal they were thin, tired and frightened.  Mundo started supporting projects in Pal in 1998.  The community petitioned us in 2010 to help with the generator.  At that time they had to walk 8 hours to Chajul to get the generator and then carried it all the way back down to their little village.  It was the only source of and the first source of electricity the villagers had ever had.  They have cared for it as if it were a baby and it has been used for school, church, and community gatherings.  Each time I visit the village they take me to see the generator so that I know that it is still in grand condition and it continues to be an important source of power!”

It was the only source and the first source of electricity the villagers ever had.

The above image shows the villagers proudly walking back home with their new generator. It was such an exciting thing to be able to provide the people of this village with something that would be able to enrich their lives so much. With the help of our donors we gave the community of Pal this generator, and for 10 years it has empowered and helped people ever since!

When we donate we may never know the complete and long standing impact of our donations.

Just thought we would share with you how donations from 10 years ago brought electricty to a small and struggling mountain village and has been continuing to supply them with power even today!

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