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When you come to volunteer with us here in Buengkan Province you will most likely end up at a homestay. If you are an outdoorsy nature lover, you just might find yourself lucky enough to be placed at Bunloed’s Homestay in Kham Pia!


Bunloed and Angelina’s is a haven for eco-friendly travelers looking for simplicity, peace and nature. It’s nestled up next to Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, a large park with elephants always nearby. When you drive (or walk) into the yard you are greeted with a serene and quiet atmosphere.

volunteer in hammock

Each bungalow comes with a hammock and a balcony, the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work or adventure.

hammock at homestay thailand

There are a couple of bungalow options available for varying prices. Some bungalows are smaller and have no bathroom (you just have to walk across the yard to the shared toilets and shower) and others, like the one you would stay in if you were volunteer with Mundo and be placed here, have a shower and toilet included.


The beds are large and comfortable and are equipped with mosquito nets. The adjoining toilet and shower are cold water only. However, the shared bathroom and showers are hot water if that’s something you so desire. ?

shower with gecko

You can shower with your new “tou-kay” friend!

You can go find or cook food on your own if you wish, or they offer all three meals for a small fee. You all eat together family style, and the food is delicious! Bunloed and Angelina are excellent cooks!  When volunteering with us obviously all of that is covered but if you are just a traveler looking for this sort of accommodation (or just curious to know more!) you can check out their website.