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Do you want to have a completely unique experience traveling in Thailand? Do you want to have an exciting adventure while at the same time experiencing the culture and living like a local?


volunteer issan wat phu tok

Be the only one of your friends to have explored a temple built into a mountain in rural Thailand, or find yourself lost in the mountains of Chajul, Guatemala engaging with indigenous Ixil people and experiencing a quiet way of life.

Guatemala volunteers trekking

If you would like to volunteer in Thailand or Guatemala, mostly in rural areas that are economically challenged, then Mundo Exchange may be the cultural exchange program for you. And if you HAVE been a volunteer with us before,  maybe you know someone who would be a perfect fit!

group photo return volunteers thailand

Our programs are designed for gap year, retired, and those individuals that want to blend into the culture and learn. Independent, high quality volunteers or interns that sincerely want to help children and adults at local community development projects while promoting a cross-cultural exchange will be accepted. Please feel free to read through our site and if you are interested in our projects then contact us with any questions.

Carolyn and Cody volunteer assist in dental project thailand

We are a non profit partnering with other NGOs that we trust to be helping 100% to those in need both financially and through their self defined projects. If you are ready to start your volunteer process then read through our site and contact us with further questions or fill out our Application. Tell us how you would like to volunteer in Thailand or Guatemala and we will send you more information regarding what is available. After attending and completing our cross cultural orientation we will be able to help you find find free or low cost volunteer placements and internships.