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Clothes for kids in need

Families in rural Thailand have been struggling more than ever lately with the continued partial closure of the country and ongoing unrest in the capitol. We are continuing to work hard to ensure kids and families have clothes to wear and food to eat. Our care packages of food and necessary supplies also include clothing for kids that have been donated to us. 

While clothing may be something a lot of us take for granted, seeing the reactions of kids and parents when they receive a new shirt or shorts is a gentle reminder that not everyone has the same priveledge. No donation of any kind is too small! 

Covid cases are currently on the rise in Buengkan Province and to keep everyone as safe as possible we have changed our methods of delivery. In most villages we have local trusted contacts, and instead of going to visit each household individually we give the care packages to someone already staying safe and in the community. Our hope is by keeping delivery methods and local and as low contact as possbile we can keep everyone safe! 

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